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Title – Kalpana 2, Producer – Dr KM Rajendra, Direction – Ananth Raju, Music – Arjun Janya, Cinematography – MR Seenu, Cast – Upendra, Priyamani, Avanthika Shetty, Prakash Heggodu, Shobaraj, Ramesh Bhat, Thulasi Shivamani, Chitra Shenoy, Vinayaprakash, Muni, Petrol Prasanna, Kuri Pratap, Gym Ravi, Kaddi Pudi Chandru, Victory Vasu, Jayamma and others.

A remake of ‘Kanchana 2’ in Kannada is filled with horror, humor and speed in the second half makes it real Upendra film. A super star of Kannada cinema Upendra as timid cameraman Raghav and as fire brand Juttu Shiva in the flash back is of course the main stay of the film.

With Arjun Janya around the film is ‘Sound’ cinema. The excess of sound is highly disturbing to the nerves. There is replacement to the mother role – it was Umasri in first one while it is Thulasi Shivamani here. The natural acting and dialogue delivery is missing in the replacement. The duet with Priyamani and Muni Muni…..songs are well done and there is good piece of work from the art directors.

Raghava is in love with Nandini. In the television channel competition Green TV of the two wants to bring in the horror effect in order to capture the audience to gain No.1 position (this is so similar to the Last Bus cinema).

The team of Nandini as director, Raghav as cameraman, two light men and a doctor in the beach side finds strange development that lead to further complications. The cook up what was thought by Nandini turns real once the Mangalasutra she picks from the beach side sand.

In the flash back we have Shiva and Priya – Shiva is wrongly sentenced to imprisonment. By the time he comes back hell breaks out in the life of Priya who is physically handicapped. In the clash Shiva about to tie Mangalasutra is murdered. From the Mangalasutra Priya is also murdered. The closets of Shiva are also in the lot who were buried on the beach side. It is the ‘Mangalasutra’ in the hands of Nandini that lead to the past.

The ghost of Shiva and Priya on Raghav now takes the ultimate revenge. You have to watch this revenge saga in the big screen.

When the role of Shiva opens up Upendra is spectacular. Priyamani and Avanthika Shetty are quite OK. Prakash Heggodu as villain conquers attention.

Two of the tunes from Arjun Janya are admirable. The Kannada song and Upendra film titles song shot on Upendra and Avanthika Shetty are purely for masses. The cinematography of MR Seenu is on top gear. Special effects of the film are glorious.

This is an entertainer and Paisa Vasool.

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