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K S Vasu

Duration – 139 minutes, Category – cop and criminal saga, Score – 3/5

Title – Kempe Gowda 2, Producer – Vinod, Direction – Shanker Gowda, Music – Rosh Mohan, Cinematography – Varun Unni, Cast – Komal Kumar, Srishath, Yogi, Rakshika Sharma, Madhusoodhan, Ali, Cheta Sharma, Lohitashva, Suchidra Prasad and others.

Has Komal Kumar changed in choosing films? It appears so from this ‘Kempe Gowda 2’. He is an upright cop with lot of serious attitudes in the role. He scores too in action and his style is also something worth watching.

This film has no connection to Kempe Gowda of Kichcha Sudeep. It has a fresh story with two vital elements – EVM hacking and former chief minister son going helter-skelter.

Kempe Gowda wants the principals to be followed. He does not even leave a school Principal. He gets the admission to denied student applying his pressure. He knows how to put down culprits with his pistol. The major breakthrough he wants to make is giving justice to old couple as their son Dixith is missing after reaching foreign country. Dixith is misused with his brilliance by villain gang. The key person to all such developments is Deshmukh (Srishanth). Now booking the hacker on the one side, Kempe Gowda has to trace the killing of Dixith. How he traces the culprits and books them under law is the end part of the film. Of course there is mother sentiment and no scope for love track. There is a bit of comedy from Ali famous Telugu actor.

Komal Kumar excels in action portions. Srishanth is a surprise from this film. Ace Indian cricket player known for fast bowling and bouncers gets bounced from tough cop Kempe Gowda.

One melody and one background score is appealing, cinematography is apt for the situations. Action scenes are well handled in this film.

In fact Komal Kumar compels you to watch this film because of his sincere effort.

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