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Title – Kotigobba 2, Producer – MB Babu, Direction – KS Ravikumar, Music – D Iman, Cinematography – Raja Rathnam, Cast – Sudeep, Nithya Menen, Ravishanker, Prakash Raj, Sadhu Kokila, Devaraj, Nazar, Chikkanna, Mukesh Tiwari, Sharat Lohitashva, Veena Sunder, Kuri Pratap, Achyuth Kumar and others.

Except the length there are absolutely no issues in watching this film. Twenty minutes pruned in the second half this ‘Kotigobba 2’ will be a distinct entertainer. The epoch making director of Tamil films KS Ravikumar has given intelligence to this film using the technology also at places. In the making, the film is grand – perhaps the subject meant for Rajanikanth has come to Kichcha Sudeep. Of course super star Kichcha Sudeep is supreme in his work. The candid style he offers, the bubble gum landing in his mouth, cigarette making run on his lips…..and so many are addition value booster for Kichcha Sudeep film.

This is a film with various contents like evading corruption, a method is followed, human values, the poverty level and its lessons, top class action, love blossoming with new way, the commitment in love – all packed like a jumbo jet.

The dialogues especially when Kichcha Sudeep and Ravishanker come on screen earn applaud. When Ravishanker says this ‘Shiva and Sathya’ are one – he is ‘Abhinaya Chakravarthy’ the claps and whistle surmount. When the opening title song bring in the clips of Dr Vishnuvardhana – applaud was expected.

When we think of parallel to Dr Vishnuvardhana – Kichcha Sudeep occupies the spot without any doubt. He is such a reminder of Dr Vishnu and his fan following would increase from this ‘Kotigobba 2’.

It is the lesson Sathya learns from his father that make him to pretend to the outer world that there is Shiva – his sibling. Shiva is terror character and Sathya is docile.

On why this nature in Sathya we would come to know in the end of second half. Before that it is confusing tactic for the police department after Sathya as Shiva robs 150 crore belonging to Mukesh Tiwari and 120 crores of rupees belong to Sharat Lohitashva.

There is no complaint in the police for such massive robbing. The two strong tormentors for Sathya try all methods but they are unsuccessful. In the meantime the submissive Sathya running a firm in real estate is cheated by another big business tycoon. At places it becomes inevitable for Sathya to become Shiva. In the real estate business he falls in love with a chubby cheer Subashini. For the sake of love, Sathya gives up his nature of Shiva but before that he settles the scores with tormentors and effortlessly round off the corrupt cop.

Kichcha Sudeep is an all rounder. His dialogue, style, action, romantic moods, the actor rises to every need of the situation with massive ability. For fans of Kichcha Sudeep, Shiva role is a good treat. As Sathya, Sudeep proved that he is a cool actor.

Nithya Menen from the first shot is such an attention grabber. Not only her sweet looks but she is a talented actress. The dubbing for Nithya Menen is brilliant. The costumes and her sister in law character also you would not miss your eyes.

The comedy of Chikkanna, Sadhu Kokila and as cop Ravishanker also doing comedy is superb. Nazar as cop and Devaraj as head of orphan house have given apt performance.

Stunts are brilliant in this film and music from D Iman is both melodious and bubbly. The title song is worth hearing again, Saluthillave Saluthillave….is magnificent in melody. Hoo Na Uhoona Hele Maina…..has lovely costume and background besides good rhythm.

Rajarathna in his camera has done another splendid job. The colors fed to eyes, the long and wide angle shots are memorable from his camera.

You can easily watch this film. It is double paisa vasool cinema. Kudos to Soorappa Babu and team for fine entertainer!

Score - 4/5 ****

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