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One of the mind blowing cinemas of the Kannada cinema history is this Anand Appugol, Naganna, Keshavaditya, Darshan, Ramesh Babu contributing brilliantly for ‘Kranti Veera Sangolli Rayanna’. This is a different film and difficult film too think and produce.

The right thinking, right investment and right contribution is very important. For this well made ‘KVSR’ all assembled very well. The technical support and artists working for this film, script work and investing for the wonder is marvelous indeed.

The film ‘KVSR’ picks up very fast and gives stunning moments. That is the war of words in the leadership of Queen Rani Channamma. The issue of ‘Kappa’ is furiously answered that leads to first war on Kittur Dynasty. It is a big win but soon there is sudden down fall for Kittur Channamma and Rayanna as British impose a stiff battle. The deceiving tactics makes Kittur Channamma to forcibly leave the battle ground. Rayanna handing over the sword he got from the goddess to Channabasappa it is behind the bars for Channamma and Rayanna.

What next is Sardar (Srinivasamurthy) and Rayanna with his team evolving super power via guerilla war. Rayanna struggles hard to pay back in the same coin for British rulers. The sad thing is greedy people deceiving Rayanna and his team further is a big blow.

It is a war of words from Rayanna in the court that even shakes the judge. On every allegation made Rayanna replies very strong supporting his mother land – judge also give up a judgment against Rayanna. It is a sudden set back as British rulers even control the law in the early of 19th century in India.

Rayanna for the judgment of death warrant on him ask the judge to hand him in front of his own people. It happens in a public place that is something touching the hearts of millions.

No doubt that this film “KVSR” is best of the 40 plus films of Darshan. His effort should be lauded. The stunning dialogues written for the role of Rayanna is something extraordinary. In the costumes given to Darshan he looks superb.

Kichcha Sudeep background voice at a few places in the film is another big draw for the film and it is equally good.

Dr Jayaprada wins more in the emotional role when she is captured and kept behind the bars. Nikita is sidelined. Umasri is best as mother. Shashikumar, Srinivasamurthy, Shivakumar, Ramesh Bhat, Dharma have done well in their roles.

A difficult film to make is a difficult film to capture in the camera. Ramesh Babu Cinematography department gets full marks for the superb work done. Yashovardhan has picked tunes of a few yesteryear films and incorporated in this film.

Anand Appugol great confidence to make a film of historical relevance and invest in a lavish scale is appreciable.

Go and watch without fail. All those who love the country should watch this movie ‘Kranti Veera Sangolli Rayanna’.

 – Kranti Veera Sangolli Rayanna, Producer – Anand Appugol, Direction – Naganna, Music – Yashovardhan, Cinematography – Ramesh Babu, Cast – Darshan, Dr Jayaprada, Nikita, Shashikumar, Srinivasamurthy, Shobaraj, Umasri, Doddanna,  Jai Jagadish, Bank Janardhan, Ramesh Bhat, Shivakumar, Dharma, Saurav, Likitha, Satyajith, Sadashiva Brahmavar, Killer Venkatesh, Karibasavaish, Aravind, Biradar, Rajesh, producer Anand Appugol and others.

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