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Title – Kulfi, Producer – Muniswamy SD, Direction – Manju Haasan, Music – Abhishekh, cinematography – Narasimhamurthy, Cast – Siloni, Dilip, Girish, Lawerence, Ramesh Bhat, Chitkala Biradar and others.

This AMS productions ‘Kulfi’ has announced the sequel of the film at the last frame. What this ‘Kulfi’ is all about you must be wondering. It is not the sweet Kulfi available as one of the deserts after food. It is a film made for paying penalty to your mistakes and irrresponsibilities.

At the outset this film digs at the carelessness of a marriage broker and three boys working in a bar. The after effect of this gang in an inebriated condition is very costly in the life of female protagonist.

Director Manju Haasan has looked at the sentiment aspect more and entertaining elements are here and there. The female protagonist looking mod and hot rounding off four and giving punishment has a strong reason.

We go to the flashback when the three bar workers ask for reason behind such a torture from ‘Kulfi’. We understand on silver screen three gruesome suicides that are shocking and disturbing to the viewers.

The marriage of daughter in the house is at doldrums because the photographs of the bride are circulated wrongly. The incident happened leads to the bar situation where the three boys and broker in the bar create a costly mistake in drunk mood. They dispatch photograph of female protagonist to a photographer who in turn creates further chaos.

The helpless parents and young son lost face in social life commit suicide. The female protagonist on the way to commit suicide is saved by a doctor. Courage is added to take revenge. Manju Haasan has cleverly unfolds the mystery behind torture of three boys and a broker at a far off place.

Siloni making debut in this film is superb. She has the looks and as a mod heroine has a great future ahead. The gruesome killing of Ramesh Bhat, Chitkala Biradar and young boy was not required. Senior actor like Ramesh Bhat should keep away from such portions.

This is a revenge saga and the background score, cinematography are adequate to watch this film once.

Score – 3 /5

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