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Title – Saheba, Producers – Jayanna and Bhogendra, Direction – Bharath, Cinematography – GSV Seetharam, Music – V Harikrishna, Cast – Manoranjan Ravichandran, Shanvi Srivatsav, Lakshmi, Chidanand, Pramila Joshai, Bullet Prakash and others.

Baa Baa Saheba…..come to watch this well made ‘Saheba’ with your family and friends! It is a perfect launch and this kind of film is what family audience should watch. Olle Sahebre Habbakke Bandiddaare.

Manoranjan V Ravichandran has excelled in every department in his debut. He has all the strength to take the torch of success of his father V Ravichandran. A right film for the debut indeed. No doubt that Kannada cinema industry has got a promising hero in Manoranjan V Ravichandran. The debut hero from renowned Ishwari Pictures Empire built by N Veeraswamy has made everyone proud from his first selection. Bharath after a long come back has given a commendable job.

Jayanna Combines bringing the film to the masses makes the family audience feel very happy; the youths would take so many things from Manu role in the film. Especially when he starts rejecting Nandini alias Aditi for whom he has done everything.

There was chance for director to make this a tragedy at the end by keeping the role of Manu further strong. The dejected lovers in this world would have felt very proud. The happy ending is also very correct on the part of director. A super star drawn to down to earth living is the biggest win of this director in a convincing way.

Till the first half we will not know that Manu (Manoranjan V Ravichandran) is in love with Nandini. A timid girl living in poverty gets all the support from Manu. She will not be knowing that someone is behind her great level of growth. Manu a book stall owner has done all support to Nandini via an astrologer (Played by Chidanand).

Who is this Manu - you would love to know about this master of all chap! He grows from his mother care (Lakshmi is mother) and his earning is reading books. Not going to school he is master in so many things. All that he has gained is from reading books. He is mad about ‘Mudde Huli’ cuisine of his mother. He takes that good food even to Europe when his painter friend invites him.

Such a magnificent youngster decides change ‘Habe Baraha’ of Nandini. He decides to do it without her knowledge. One complaint at this stage of screenplay is making her to complete degree by improper method. Manu gives Nandini the status of a super star Aditi in life. He remains a common man to her eyes. In the post interval she comes to know more about Manu. She is obviously bowled over by this youth. He is something more than money for her.

What happens next, how Manu without asking gets Nandini you have to watch it on silver screen!

Crazy star V Ravichandran son is crazy about so many things in life. He has given a calm, quiet, serene looks, it seems Manoranjan has learnt the dancing ability of power star Puneeth Rajakumar. He is too good in dance and in action it is like gulping water for him. Full marks to Manu for his distinct approach to a love story in his debut!

Shanvi Srivatsav is another treat to watch in this film. Lakshmi and Pramila Joshai have given their best. Chidanand is a very good in his role.

The song from V Ravichandran film Yaare Neenu Roja Hoove….(Nabha Natesh in this song), Jeevakkobba….song, Baa Baa Saheba….song is very well composed and written among all. The lines like Naa ondu Sheele nee Bandaagale….is perfectly placed line in the song.

Editing of 142 minutes of ‘Saheba’ is very competent from Deepu S Kumar, two action portions are superb. GSV Seetharam a veteran cameraman is impeccable.

There is no reason for you to miss this film ‘Saheba’ – go with your family. A feast for family audience on Ganesha festival day!


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