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Title – March 22, Producer – Harish Sherigar and Sharmila Sherigar, Director – Kodlu Ramakrishna, Music – Manikanth Khadri and Ravishekar Rajamaga, Cinematograpy – Mohan, Cast – Ananthnag, Geetha, Aryavardhan,  Kiran Raj, Deepti Shetty, Meghasri, Sharat Lohitashva, Jai Jagadish, Ashish Vidyarthi, Vinayaprasad, Padmaja Rao,  Srinivasamurthy, Ramesh Bhat, Ravindranath, guest role – Harish Sherigar and Dr BR Shetty.

A commendable job from senior director Kodlu Ramakrishna, producer Harish Sherigar, music composer Manikanth Khadri and Ravishekhar Rajama, cameraman Mohan and senior actors in ‘March 22’. A Dubai based businessman and Kannadiga Harish Sherigar taking up his first film with lot of sensibilities, right handlings at right places is 153 minutes Kannada film. Scissors for a few minutes of the film in the second half, It would be further tight, crisp and tidy to watch. Over all it is a must watch cinema. So march towards theatres where ‘March 22’ Kannada cinema is shown. Sensitive issue gets a sensible end. All for the good of people of both religions!

We all know ‘March 22’ is world water Day. What you do know is the model village that lives on ‘Manavathavadi philosophy’ in life. The Hindu and Muslim coming united in this film is a national interest subject. All because of ‘Water’ is the reason. The two religions cater to the needs of people is the high point of the film.

At the interval time it is ‘Well’ (for which the stress is made to get water), it is not a bore – well cinema. The second half developments could have tightened further.

‘Muththu Rathnada Pyate, Chidravagide Kote…. A song for the guest role of Dr BR Shetty internationally acclaimed businessman from Karnataka has been well placed. Dr Shetty can take up such important roles in his career. He has that height, tremendous look and agility.

The film ending with Jalala Jaladhaare…Habbave Bandide Santasa Tandide….when the much desired water is secured – the feel of big relief is impeccable point of the film.
Rayadurga village is a model village. The Hindu and Muslim live with cordial to the chore. Last five years this village is affected with severe drought. The local MLA Patila is not helpful in any way. The Hindu and Muslim united elected Salman in the next assembly election. Salman also cuts sorry figure in securing water to the village for which he has been elected.
At this time Dr Raghunandan a famous geologist comes to the survey. He is in for surprise to the people of the village. He traces water in his midnight survey. The next day the place of water is informed to both the religion people. Water is found underneath Masjid. Obviously it is a sensitive issue. Muslims do not agree. There is no other go. Getting river water to the village is out of question. Muslim community leader Ashish Vidyarthi is hell bent on moving out for water.

The Hindu community leader headed by Sanganna (Jai Jagadish) suggests a plan. They decide to put down temple in the village and that opens the mind of Muslim religion. They allow digging the mosque place for securing gravely needed water for the people.
All actors in this film have given good performance for the film. Ananthnag, Jai Jagadish, Vinayaprasad, Sharat Lohitashva, Padmaja Rao plus the young pairs Aryavardhana, Meghasri, Kiran Raj and Deepthi Shetty have come out well in the debut performance.

The film is quite impressive in cinematography from Mohan. Capturing the close ups, long shots and top angles – Mohan has given super results.

The two duet songs, opening song on Lord Ganesh is so timely for the Ganesha Festival day release of the film. the song for Dr BR Shetty and last song in the film are very good.

This is a film you cannot miss to watch. Hindu friends go with Muslim friends and vice versa!

Kodlu Ramakrishna career best cinema – this script was in mind over one and half decades has got the right placement.

Producer Harish Sherigar approach to this quality films should continue in cinema industry. For that audience should encourage this kind of film.
4/5 ****
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