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Posted date: 23/January/2010

Not immersed in sympathy or emotions look at the film ‘School Master’ director Dinesh Baboo has missed the good thriller opportunity. Keeping the child alive and eradicating the rabble rousers could have been possible in a thriller. What he could not do is the crisp screenplay that could have been a taut thriller.

Yet ‘School Master’ is worth a watch for the presence of Dr Vishnuvardhana who is always best in emotion packed role, Suhasini Manirathnam controlled performance, lively presence of Devaraj plus delectable cinematography and two lovely tunes of music director V Sridhar.

Here is one Master Jagannath the children of this country would like to be proud of. He does not want to pressurize the children in his classes or outside. He does not give marks and home work too. The mind and body should be always pleasant for the children as they sleep for 10 hours, spend 8 hours in the school and hardly are left with six hours. Master Jagannath gives the reason why children should not be pressurized. ‘Neenu Marks kadame thagondre Kondhu Bidthini says the parents. Eventually children commit suicide says Master.

In such a lovable master life his child Meghana is kidnapped instead of Home Minister daughter. Home Minister is close relative of Master Jagannath. The underworld asks for Pappu return for release of child and that becomes impossible for the government that is standing on the legs of its good work. So what is next? It is turmoil in the family of Master as the child is killed. Master has to take on emotional drama as he cannot divulge the death of his daughter to his wife.

Master’s wife Sneha falls sick for daughter not return. It is at this time Master takes daunting task. He finishes off six persons with his Kalaripayattu martial art strength a cop Prathap follows this Master keeps silent as he is not able to do from his uniform Master is doing it.

In the end Master Jagannath surrender for his killings. He is sentenced three years imprisonment. Yet Master does not disclose the death news of his daughter to his wife.

Dr Vishnuvardhana dialogues in this place in many places are farewell dialogue in his life as the film is releasing after his death. Here are some touching dialogues:

Starting off from ‘Nanna Shatrugu Mitrarigu Pranama’ he kick start with utmost dignity and the fury in him tucked inside takes the toll. Rajakarinigalu chiranjeevigalu. Sathre Bere Paksha hogi serthare….is punching to the present scenario! Video games play is electronic exercise Manassu Deha happy agulla! Dayavittu ‘Body’ antha Helbedi when Avinash calls up Dr Vishnu…Jananavu Ondhu Mayeyu…Maranavu Ondhu Mayeyu…. Life is Badige Mane Baalu…. Idhe Maneli Kudiyo Kone coffee….Devaru Magu Kotta adhannu Sarkara Kithkothu… Students nanna anukarisabedi anusarisabedi….god Bless you all….is the final salutation by Dr Vishnu from this world.

It is another great performance from Suhasini indeed. Sitting in the third standard class and taking the notes of her daughter who is no more that she is not aware is blood curdling.

Devaraj as Pratap supporting the causes of Master Jagannath gets highest respect from this film. Avinash is as usual grand. Mukesh Rishi is having the required toughness.

Chinnu mari Muddu Mari….a song on the ancient games is good to hear and see. The song Jayanvu Mayeyu… is terrific song. Dinesh Baboo in his camera made the up to date lighting.

You cannot miss this film at all as credits are many.

Banner – Golden Lion Production, Producer – CR Manohar, Story, screenplay, dialogue and direction – Dinesh Baboo, Music – V Sridhar, Cast – Dr Vishnuvardhana, Suhasini Manirathnam, Devaraj, Avinash, Chitra Shenoy, Mukesh Rishi, GK Govinda Rao, Srinivasamurthy, Dharma, Harish Roy, Thara, Dattatreya, Baby Brinda, Baby Prerana, Baby Shreya, Veena Sunder, CR Manohar and others.

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