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This 2017 ‘Nanjundi Kalyana’ starring Thanush Shivanna and Shravya has nothing to do with 1989 blockbuster film ‘Nanjundi Kalyana’ starring Raghavendra Rajakumar and Malashri. Only the title has been picked with permission from Raghanna.

The hero Thanush was also anchor of the trailer release event at Renukamba Digital studio. He lost entire Rs.4 crores from his previous film ‘Madamakki’ that got very good reviews from media. His father Dasanapura Shivanna has given last chance for son to produce this film.

Thanush speaking on his role stated that his role is filled with comedy, love and sentiments. How the protagonist convinces his mother to get his match to fall in right place is the crux of the film. We cannot go near to the 1989 blockbuster movie. But we would get some entertainment for sure he said.

Rajendra Karanth a well known theatre actor, director and writer is back to direction after ‘Mangana Kaili Manikya’. He accidentally told Thanush on how about keeping ‘Nanjundi Kalyana’ title. I knew that he has lost heavily from previous film. We have not exceeded on anything. In 33 days we have shot for the film. Shravya is one such actress that admire from this film because of her potentiality. In this film we have made it comedy flick. For this trailer we have picked the double meaning ones to cut a trailer. In the film we have not crossed limits. Last twenty minutes it will be touching in contents. When people laugh and come to theatres it will be my big ‘Sambhavane’ says Rajendra Karanth.

Padmaja Rao is hot headed mother in this film. she is very happy because director Karanth has given freedom to get good makeup and costumes in this film. Manjunath Hegde is playing husband to Padmaja Rao. It is rough role of Padmaja. For laughing as if you have taken medicine when you come to this film he said with confidence.
Stage actor for last 26 years Srinath, a Botany professor by profession Mamata Rao acted for the first time.

Shravya Rao says this is her best team effort. I am very happy for the appreciation got from director Rajendra Karanth. I was waiting for corrections and suggestions at the time of acting. His appreciation is blessings for me. It is two hours laugh and 20 minutes emotions you carry home assured Shravya Rao.

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