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Duration – 118 minutes, Category – Thriller, Rating – 4/5

Title – Nanna Prakara, Producer – Gururaj S, Direction – Vinay Balaji, Music – Arjun Ramu, Cinematography – Manohar Joshi, Cast –Kishore, Priyamani, Arjun Yogi, Mayuru Kyatari, Niranjan Deshpande, Girija Lokesh, Pramod Shetty, Vaishnavi Menon and others.

Director Vinay Balaji has learnt the trick of giving engaging screenplay from this ‘Nanna Prakara’. He has first arrived at the confusing tactics and then shifts the screenplay to different levels and characters. He makes the audience mind to think on their own on the possibilities. It is not just ‘Nanna Prakara’ but ‘Prekshakara Prakara’ too!

There are Vismaya and Vismaya Suresh. Vismaya Suresh is cheated for her modesty. Vismaya Suresh boy friend Niranjan Deshpande ditches her. That leads to one murder. At the same time the mistaken identity crops up a problem for Vismaya (Mayoori Kyatari). A gang in an apartment gives hectic time for Vismaya – now both are clubbed in narration and we find Vismaya Suresh is dead in a road accident.

The cop Ashok on the other hand is punishing Niranjan for ditching Vismaya (according to audience) but it is the case of Vismaya Suresh. As the screenplay moves several directions the film takes also points the needle of suspicion on a few. In the midst of finding clues for murder the film moves on emotional track. Finally the digging of cop Ashok solves all the confusions.

As cop Kishore has done a neat and tidy job. Arjun Yogi earns some sympathy, Priyamani has a wafer thin role, Mayoori does very well as Vismaya, Niranjan Deshpande receives blows and gives good support to film.

The background songs are meaningful and apt. cinematography of Manohar Joshi is one of the best parts of the film ‘Nanna Prakara’.

Thrill lovers, investigative film followers might buy a ticket easily and watch this film.

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