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Posted date: 16 Thu, Apr 2020 01:52:37 PM

One of the prominent personalities of Kannada cinema industry and small screen – actor, writer, singer, director Naveen Krishna, son of veteran actor Srinivasamurthy has come up with a new thought to keep the people at home engaged.

This is not just an ordinary thought of ‘Operation Sahitya’ from Naveen Krishna. He is going deep in to the lyrics and explains the significance of it to the music lovers. We have admired so many songs but not went deep skin on the meaning of it. This is what the thoughtful work of Naveen Krishna.

On last Hanuma Jayathi he recited the song penned by unforgettable Chi Udayashanker and sung by Dr Rajakumar – Hanumana Nodidira…..He first recite a few important lines of the lyrics and goes on explaining the credibility of it.

The second song Naveen Krishna picked was a love song from ‘Baa Nalle Madhuchandrake’ of Nagathihalli Chandrasekhar direction. Aa Bettadalli….A guddadalli….Odaadabeda Hudugi….. sung by Dr SPB and composed by Hamsalekha – Naveen Krishna explains the care of love in the lines of Dalit Poet Siddalingaiah.  From the second song it has caught You Tube attention.

Naveen Krishna invites the songs of music lovers liking to continue this process that is getting rich acclaim.

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