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Nandini Marriage celebration
Posted date: 28 Sun, Jun 2020 01:02:59 PM

Udaya TV’s most popular show ‘Nandini’ is leaping towards 1000 successful episodes and create another milestone in serial world. Virat and his beloved Janani tried to cross several hurdles to be together but unfortunately Janani had to leave him and go away. Devastated Virat later meets Nandini. Virat realizes that reconstruction of ‘Kadumale temple’ is the only way to please Janani’s dissatisfied soul. Virat gets to know that Parameshwar is the only person who can complete the construction. But, Parameshwar denies Virat’s proposition as he knows a secret that his daughter Nandini will transform into ophidian woman (Naga Kanye) if the construction gets completed. Later, Parameshwar realizes that if Nandini unites with the humans, she will live as humans permanently. Hence, Parameshwar decides Nandini’s marriage with Virat in order to keep her away from the mysterious ‘Nagaloka’. Virat hates Nandini while Nandini is madly in love with ‘Veerabahu’ a commander in the Nagaloka army. However, both of them agree to get married.

Preparations for Nandini and Virat’s marriage are happening lavishly. ‘Nandini’ is getting ready to entertain its viewers with several twists. ‘Vasuki’ snakes of ‘Nagaloka’ will witness Nandini’s marriage while cruel ‘Takshaka’ snakes try to stop it. ‘Brahma Rakshasa’ of ‘Takshaka’ snakes, a gaint monster created with graphics. Brahma Rakshasa’s conspiracy and grand action sequences are created with stunning visuals not seen on Kannada television. Meanwhile, Veerabahu has promised to Nandini that he’ll somehow stop the marriage. Whom will Nandini get married to is the big question that gets answered in the episodes. Nandini comes to entertain and mesmerize you every mon - Fri at 8.30pm on Udaya TV.

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