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It is precise to the title this time from director and actor MG Srinivas alias Srini. He brings in old actor Rajesh respected Kalatapasvi for the Old Monk Kannada film that has completed eighty percent of shooting.

The 88 years old actor Rajesh, part of the golden era of Kannada cinema has immensely liked the concept of Srini and consented to act in this Old Monk Kannada film.

The shooting of Rajesh portion starts from January 15. The song and a few talkie portions would be completed in five days of shooting. Malayalam actor Sudev Nayar is making debut in Kannada cinema.

Old Monk starring Srini and Adhiti Prabhudeva also has Sihikahi Chandru, Sujai Shastry, Kala Samrat S Narayan, Aruna Balaraj and others. The schedule of shooting commenced from 10th of September 2020.

Old Monk is about a person who comes from Swarga Loka to Boo Loka. The situation he faces in this Kaliyug is told in a very funny style by director MG Srinivas.

Chamak, Ayogya, Birabal and Gubbi Mele Brahmasthra producer T R Chandrasekhar of Crystal Park Mysuru is investing on this film.

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