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Posted date: 25 Thu, Apr 2019 11:39:46 AM

The well made action film with sentiment; primacy to Kannada language and literature ‘Padde Huli’ is in mixed reaction situation. It is not happy because the malls are not giving the right time and that is reducing the collections. This is despite of the film starring Shreyas and Nishwika Naidu film getting good reviews. KManju complaint is also on the Book My Show that is not giving the reviews. When reason was ascertained there was no properly reply. The malls are in activities that is not supportive to Kannada films. The case is like this with regular producers then what about the fate of others K Manju asks.

Director Guru Deshpande worry was to the issue when K Manju invited the Kannada Sangha to give support for Kannada films. On what grounds we have to invite was his point. KFCC takes Rs.1 lakh from every film. The support should come from Apex Body he felt. The newcomer films take off in the theatres will be slow. The KFCC forming an Application for exclusively to Kannada films he urged.

Producer Ramesh Reddy was in quixotic mind set, actor Shreyas, Nishwika Naidu were happy for good reviews the film has got.

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