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Title – Priti Prema, Producer – Virgo Solutions, Direction – Kashi, Music – BJ Bharath, Camera – Ravikumar, Cast – Sri Krishna Chaitanya, Nidhi Kushalappa, Girish, Yamuna Murthy, Vaidhyanathan, Tennis Krishna and others.

Cashing in on the famous dialogue of Upendra film ‘A’ – Preethi Prema Bari Pustakada Badanekayi, this 128 minutes and 43 seconds ‘Preethi Prema’ is a protracted film with no novelty in it.  This is a remake of 2012 released Telugu film ‘E Rojullo’. In the entire film the caption used for the film is not used once.

Deceived, deprived, trapped and finally loved is the derivation from this film. The girls of present generation deceiving several boys and finally landing with one in life are well known. In the case of Preethi Prema there are three cases.

Prem after spending a few lakhs on Sanjana is ditched, Preethi taking all happiness from Kishor ditch him, Bhargavi uses her boy friend Jeevan like a tissue paper.

Prem is protagonist and female protagonist Priti (Sri Krishna Chaitanya and Nidhi Kushalappa) are sailing in the same boat. They have decided not to spend on girls and take any benefits from boys. They have two separate tracks of tale.

Now Preethi  and Prem living in the same apartment have love and hate relationship. On three occasions Priti slap on the face of Prem. The exchange of messages brings them back to good form. It is at the last 20 minutes of the film the frequent caller to Preethi – Kishor trap her using a trick. Kishor has spent a few lakhs in his friendship with Preethi , he uses Sanjana ex girl friend of Prem at the right time.

When Preethi and Prem are about to reconcile all differences and it is ‘I Love You’ time – Sanjana comes in the life of Prem that is perturbing for Preethi . On the advice her father Priti goes to foreign country for two years higher studies.

What is the fate of Prem all this time? He has one beat to Preethi house every day. After a scuffle with Kishor, Prem advice Sanjana to explain to parents of Preethi that she has no relationship with him. That brings a big relief to Preethi Parents. After two years Preethi  comes and the boy is waiting at Sankey Tank to get a hug from Preethi . Finally true love wins.

Sri Krishna Chaitanya and Nidhi Kushalappa have emoted well. Nidhi looks like a Tibetan in close-ups. Giri in the comedy department has good dialogue delivery. Giri situation of scratching head on this love-hate doing rounds is the situation of audience sometime.

BJ Bharath has given on Ring Ring…song that is used throughout the film and a duet for the film is very melodious. Camera work of Ravikumar is very pleasant.

Score – 3/5 ***

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