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‘Beduvenu Varavannu Kode Thayi Janmavannu Kade Tanaka Mareyolla Jogi…. Doora Hodaru Elle Hodaru Tayi Mareyolla… Thaayi Pritige Koneyilla…Thayine Ella Badalagodilla….Yuga Uruli Kaledodaru…..


Director Prem a very popular in the cine field recited these lines to the media friends in 2004 when he was doing ‘Jogi’ Kannada film. That showed that mother sentiment is at peak in the film. Director Prem had written this song and also sung for the film ‘Jogi’.


Jogi Prem was very humble in those days and he explained the peak of his mother humbleness. He had disclosed that the ‘Bangles’ episode in the film ‘Jogi’ is very close to his family. He wanted to get a pair of gold bangles to his mother after the film. He had even kept the character name of Arundhati Nag playing mother role as ‘Bhagyakka’ – his mother name was ‘Bhagyamma’.


After this top level mother sentiment film ‘Jogi’ director Prem reached the pinnacle of success and he took care of his mother with affluence on his side. He had given the grand life for his mother ‘Bhagyamma’.

Mother has got very good placement in Kannada cinema. In the films of Dr Rajakumar and Vishnuvardhana the mother character was given high prominence. Kannada director Dwarki Raghav in ‘Iruvat Mattam’ showed the peak of love to mother.


After that era it is director Prem who showed great honor to mother character from ‘Jogi’.


‘Jogi’ was super hit because of Madesha played by Shivarajakumar and his mother Bhagya played by Arundhati Nag.


Today there is grief surrounding the life of hat trick director Prem. He has lost his mother Bhagyamma at the age of 75. She was suffering from Leukemia cancer (blood cancer). She was given treatment at Jayanagar Shanthi hospital. In the Corona virus test conducted it was negative result for Bhagyamma.


Bhagyamma mother of Jogi Prem will be cremated at Besagarahalli in Mandya district. Bhagyamma two children are Kiran (Prem today in cinema field) and Arun.

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