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Posted date: 04 Sat, Apr 2020 12:52:38 PM

The renowned producer today in Kannada filmdom Pushkar Mallikarjun is all set to come before the camera as an actor.

Producer from Godibanna Sadarana Maikattu’ to ‘Avane Sriman Naarayana’ Pushkar Mallikarjun of Tumakuru was also partner to ‘Kirik Party’. However it is ‘Avane Sriman Narayana’ pan India cinema made big news.

Now producer Pushkar Mallikarjun evinced interest in acting. He was hoping to act in films from a long time. His busy schedule kept him with tight assignments.

At home on the lock down situation Pushkar Mallikarjun is hearing to scripts and making some notes for implementation to his film.

Pushkar has chosen Simple Suni for his discussion also means that he will be directing the film. Already several rounds of discussions have taken place. Probably in this year August Pushkar is coming before the camera.

As of now Pushkar has films like ‘777 Charlie’ starring Rakshit Shetty, Sharan starring ‘Avatara Purusha’, newcomers ‘Bhimasena Nalamaharaja’ to release.

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