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Posted date: 20 Mon, Apr 2020 12:13:22 PM

At the grief stricken situation of Corona 19 virus and Lock Down clamped in the state at her surroundings famous actress Ragini Dwivedi is very active and doing great service.

At the beginning of lock down situation she invited BBMP workers to a cup of Tea at her residence; she later packed foods for hundreds of persons who are working day and night. Ragini went straight to Yalahanka police station to provide food grains. Another day she prepared food with her parents support packed it and handed it over to hungry persons on roads.

Now Ragini Dwivedi attention is on the cows that are stranded on streets. There was danger of cows going to slaughter house. She did not allow that that to happen. Ragini Dwivedi took the fodder and went straight to a few cow sheds to treat the cows. She learnt the cow shed owners ready to give cows to slaughter houses. She avoided it to happen.

Kannada actress rescue such cows got widespread appreciation. Ragini Dwivedi also wrote to the concerned department on the black market people making use of such a situation to hike the cattle feed rates go up. Default text in editor

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