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Title – Rang Birangi, Producer – Shanthkumar Ramanagara, Direction – Mallikarjuna Muthalageri, Music – Kadri Manikanth, Cinematography – Nandakishor, Cast – Srijith, Tanvi, Shreyas, Panchakshari, Charan, Kuri Pratap, Prashanth Siddi, Satyajith, Rockline Sudhakar and other

From travel business to cinema producer Shanthakumar of Ramanagara has picked the right content for his first film ‘Rang Birangi’. Only flaw is 156 minutes cinema – this could have been brought down for a more speedy portrayal of a good content cinema.

Mallikarjuna Muthalagere has given a convincing ‘Madarangi’ and in ‘Rang Birangi’ he has the knack of portrayal of good elements. The film is free from vulgarity, double meaning and never harm the human brains. It is a cool watch but nut fast.

One beautiful looking girl Deepa (Tanvi) come to the colony. She is in her second year of graduation. Four boys presume that she is in love with them. Each of the four boys tries all methods to come near to Deepu.

One is mechanic, one is classmate of Deepu, another looking for job, and fourth one is a good student. All four enroot to win the heart applies different measures.

Whether any of the four wins the heart of Deepu is the point not precise to describe in this review. The director with four characters explains where we are heading for in this generation. At the cost of winning love, life is important he wants to bring it to the notice. Finally you have one more interesting fact.

All four boys are talented – they are good looking and performed well. They have good future in the cinema career. Tanvi Rao is like Preeti Zeinta of Hindi cinema. She has arresting looks. She has good future for sure in cinema career for Tanvi. Kuri Pratap comedy track is quite OK.

The top scorer of this film is music director Kadri Manikanth. He has given three lovely tunes. Cinematography is colorful feast to the eyes.

This is worth watch cinema for all parents and youths. Life of Love – one has to decide in life. This film would be a good example.
3/5 ***
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