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Duration – 125 minutes, Category – emotional drama, rating – 4/5

Title – Saagutha Doora Doora, Producers – Shyam Jigali, BN Rudresh, M Shanker and Amit Poojari, Direction – Ravi Teja, Music – Khadri Manikanth, Cinematography – Abhilash K, Cast – Master Ashik Arya, Mahesh Siddu, Apeksha Pawa Wodeyar, Kumar Naveen, Usha Bhadari, Sooraj, Mohan Juneja, Gaddappa, Honnavalli Krishna and others.

An emotional man in real life Ravi Teja has given a touching tale with not much of confusion. He has folded the film with sentiments and it spreads to various fragments of life. The powerful package of sentiment is well supported by actors and the background score, Dr V Nagendra Prasad commentary makes you alert and feel a right end to the film.

Ravi Teja acting prowess is known, as director he has left lot of promises. He is quite capable of capturing sentiments in this ‘SDD’.

We have young school going boy Ashu with Mahesh Siddu looking for his mother in ‘Gubbi Goodu’. Mahesh has a power in his arms and he is bit disturbed in life. Yet he guards the young Ashu to reach his mother. The journey of the two from city to the far off place is packed with various developments and unexpected turns.

When Mahesh Siddu finds the mother of Ashu, he uses he becomes strong and decide not to bring Ashu to see his mother. The only ambition of Ashu is to hug his mother and give a peck. When the mother is found for the audience a different tale opens up. In the journey Ashu and Mahesh find Nandini who is struck in pitiable condition in life. She accompanies the duo till the curtains are down.

Mahesh Siddu takes away Ashu from the particular place because the conversation forces him to do so. In the process Mahesh Siddu reaches his home where he finds his mother in pathetic condition. He gives care for his mother and that is further sorrow filled situation.

How the young Ashu is finally satisfied and whom he gives the mother position is interesting portion of the film.

Master Ashik Arya is best part of the film. He has done his role very competitively. Mahesh Sidddu with one arm holding his pant in most of the time is impressive. He has good action roles to perform. Apeksha Pawan Wodeyar as ill fated lady has given right emotions.

There are two haunting tunes in which the title song is on top of it. The cinematography traveling for a long to this film gives the admirable support for the film.

‘Amma’ in life is immeasurable in values. The young boy understands it well. It is an emotional journey for audience. Don’t miss to watch this film.

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