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The popular actress Shubha Punja settled down at her native village Shirve, near Udupi well in advance and she is leading a desi life with her cousins at this lock down situation arising out of ‘Corona 19’ virus.

Shubha Punja sent photographs and what she is doing at this moment via whats app. She is moving around the areas to get wood. She is cutting the permitted ones and making it as bundle to reach her lonely home in the forest area.

She is setting the wood on fire for hot water and also for preparing food. Cutting wood for livelihood Shubha Punja had not done so far in her life. Shuba travels for a distance to fetch firewood. She is drawing water from the well near her house. It is the only source for drinking, preparing food, bathing and washing clothes she says.

The electricity is a problem and it is not very regular. In the available time she has to charge her phone. Shubha Punja with cousins in the house prepares food and also feeding the needy people of the area. The groceries are enough for a few more days she says.

It is a sealed down situation in the lock down period feels Shuba Punja. Back to profession after lock down is lifted says Shuba Punja. The film ‘Naragunda Bhandaya’ got good reviews but after one day it was called from theatres because of the Corona 19 spreading. This will be released again says Shubha Punja. Rhymes a thriller is another film of Shuba Punja ready for release. ‘Khali Dose Kalpana’ is unfinished project.

In bilingual ‘Tridevi’ Shuba Punja worked for one month in Kerala is another unfinished project.

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