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‘Navu Soluththa Gellabeku’ – this is Dr Rajakumar telling his second son Raghavendra just three months before his departure.  Raghavendra Rajakumar asked his father how is that? You see my son, adhering to my father Singanalluru Puttaswamy I married Parvathi, then I came to good situation in all my life. This is ‘Solluththa Gelluvudu’ he pointed on the 57 years of married life very successful life of Dr Rajakumar and Parvathamma Rajakumar.
Raghavendra Rajakumar is slowly recovering from his ill health. He is taking physiotherapy and doing regular exercises to come back to normal position. He expressed his wish of coming to acting in graduated roles.
Take a look at some more observations of Raghavendra Rajakumar at a brief chat at Kanteerava Studio on the day of launch his son Vinay Rajakumar ‘Ananthu Vs Nusrat’.
·         This ill health we have to accept when it comes. We have taken good status also in life. I did not asked for such a big hit like Nanjundi Kalyana. Ill health is like passing cloud.

·         On the demise of mother – She had seen everything in life. The pain should not have been there for mother. She suffered from cancerous decease.

·         At the burial very near to Dr Rajakumar – the land has to further set with all seasons in a year. Later four tenders have come to government. Rockline Venkatesh is interested in doing some facelift to the memorial of my mother.

·         For doing anything to memorial of mother, Government is there to take decision first. Then we will be consulted.

·         As of now our plan is to bring together ‘Appaji and Amma’ together. So that we can do Pradakshine and take blessings.

·         Every year on ‘Raj Souharda Awards’ we were giving award for three persons of Rs.1 lakh. Now we want to include mother name to it. One person will be from cinema industry and two are achievers from different field. There will be one woman among the three awards.

·         I am happy my son Vinay Rajakumar with good close friends is selecting good subjects.

·         Gururajakumar is taking care of IAS Academy in the name of Appaji. He comes late in the night and doing good job.

·         There is balance of one assurance. I, Shiv and Puneeth should act together in one film. Time has to come for it.
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