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‘Joragide Appaji’….is distributor Jayanna Combines statement to producer KP Srikanth of ‘Tagaru’! KP Srikanth explains that the first week release of 350 theatres has not come down. From March 8 it is USA release and in London it is Red Carpet show according to Dr Shivarajakumar.

Brimming with happiness KP Srikanth remembered his olden days of going to Dr Shivarajakumar house. We are with you told Smt Geetha Shivarajakumar and admiration of Srikanth was ‘Shiva’ Kannada film and now ‘Tagaru’. He has plans for ‘Tagaru 2’.

Dhuniya Soori succeeded in his second film with Dr Shiv. He is very happy with over all progress and it was purposeful to bring the narration style. There is no confusion as such, everyone is convinced. The words hurting fans of Dr Shiv have been deleted say Soori.

Dhuniya Soori not coming on stage invited all technicians like assistant director Abhi, Lakki, Shekar, cameraman Mahendra Singh, music director Charan Raj first at the success meet of the film.

Later Dolly alias Dhananjay, Chitte alias Vasishta, Cockroach alias Sudhi, dialogue writer Masthi alias PC Manju came up on stage to express happiness on the 9th film of Dhuniya Soori direction.

Manvitha Harish thanked for the learning experience and earning people from this film. Actress Bhavana – Karnatakada Sose, was present to express happiness. It was in ‘Jackie’ she acted in Dhuniya Soori film. working for eight days in the film and watching the film I fell in love with Dhananjay and Vasishta roles she said.

Dr Shiv says he worked like a student for this film. Success to this level was not expected. Reacting to Mahendra Sinha, Dr Shiv Kopa comes at times but it is out of Priti he pointed. Bhavana is a fantastic actress. Dolly struck to my mind after watching the film. For first song of Charan Raj Mental Ho Jao…I was bit mental on its quality. One of the song dance choreographed for this film is not for first time. In Kaddi Pudi, Chigurida Kanasu and in Tagaru it was Raju and Kitty Appa support it was possible. Tagaru 2 is gimmick accepts Dr Shiv.
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