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The beginning of New Year 2020 already two films are announced for release = one is Veshadari and the other is Rajeeva. Both held media briefing one after the other at SRV on 30th of December 2019.


Veshadari Ivanu Avanalla is in the production of Anil H Ambi, Shivanand B Bhushi. Aryan, Shruthi, Sonam Rai, Ashwitha in the lead roles is directed by Shivanand hailing from Uttar Karnataka. In life everyone is ‘Veshadhari’ but the people who are cheating the masses is focused in this film with comedy laced in to it.

Shivanand B Bhushi facing lot of ordeals for this film struggled to bring it to silver screen. He had brickbats from all corners and finally releasing this film made in Sri Sai Bhagwan Combines. V Manohar has composed songs. According to Shivanand 99 percent of the forecast made by so called astrologers in the television channels are bogus.


Aryan, Sruthi, Sonam Rai, Ashwitha are in the lead roles. Biradar, Mohan Juneja, Kuri Ranga and others are in the comedy laced cinema. Shivanand written the novel ‘Veshadari’ in 2014 and based on it he has done the film. 

Aryan doing 12 films in small roles getting trainer in Kalagangotri, gaining knowledge in dance and music plays the village boy who later dupes the people.

Sonam Rai is in prominent role. A song on Sunny Leone has her performance. Rithanya Krupa is village girl in city. Kuri Ranga has a interesting role in the get up of Swamiji. I am like Bikari and Biknaasi – but in the route to make money become a Sanyasi telling lies in Dhanavanaht Guruji role he says.

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