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Novel attempts are always appreciated in Kannada cinema. Prashanth Raj in his changing of route from love story films like ‘Love Guru and Gaana Bhajana’ although borrowed the subject from Tamil film ‘Pizza’ has given new mood to the audience from his ‘Whistle’.

It is a wrong whistle that blows in the life of protagonist Raam. Life in jeopardy in this strong person who is not worried about the ghosts! He has a charming wife Anu who steals the screen presence from her looks and eyes.

It is the destiny play and psychological imbalance the protagonist encounters when he enters the house for delivery of ‘Pizza’. In his imagination he finds five in the house who are not living. When two of the police department come on the scene and prior to that telephone calls are really strange and surprising elements.

As he comes back from the trauma it is the greed of Raam and Anu when they find diamonds worth Rs.2 crores. How they find it is suspense and final portion of the film is a real answer to greed.

You feel like loving Pranitha when she is shown in the close ups. Her eyes are as attractive as ‘Gulab Jamoon’ and teeth is arranged like ‘Pomegranate’ seeds.

Chiranjeevi Sarja has understood the role of this cameraman dominated cinema. With a torch in his hand the amount of torture he faces is striking.

After watching this ‘Whistle’ anyone has to check up how they are used and misused in life. It is Bangalore Brothers bash in the city theatres. Need some guts to watch this movie ‘Whistle’.

Title – Whistle, Banner – Bangalore Brothers, Direction – Prashanth Raj, Music – Joshua Sridhar, Camera – Santosh Rai Pathaje, Cast – Chiranjeevi Sarja, Pranitha, Gurudut, Guruprasad and others.

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