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As we have a popular saying ‘Show Must Go On’ – the shows although started in low key on 15th of October after 217 days of no exhibition of films due to Corona Pandemic, day 2, 16th October 2020 Friday seem to be very promising for the entertainment business. editor R Manohar with his visuals and still camera went around a few places on KG Road – Triveni (Anupama is getting spruced up), Santosh, Narthaki, Sapna, Bhumika theatres and gathered the Corona Pandemic rules are well maintained in single screens and later the visit to PVR Orion Mall in Rajajinagar was further impressive.

In Bhumika theatre with social distancing and masks the Kannada film ‘3rd Class’ Hanebaraha Ke Hone Yaaru started at 11 am. Top actor Kishor graced the first show of this film. The team of the film headed by Nam Jagadeesh, actor Adath, veteran actress Padmaja Rao and others were present at the show. Nearly 150 people from all three classes were seen at the ‘3rd Class’ show at Bhumika theatre.

At Santosh the massive arrangement of flower garlands was made for late actor Chiranjeevi Sarja as his film ‘Shivarajuna’ was screened. On 17th of October the birthday of actor Chiranjeevi there will be a lot of rush and upbeat mood. At Santosh in the balcony and in middle class there were 50 each.

The film 5 Adi 7 Angula screened at Triveni theatre the show was at 10.30 am. Nearly 100 attended the morning show buying the tickets.

The big chain of screens in India PVR Cinema with 845 screens in 71 cities in the country offered ticket prices of Rs.99 from 16th to 22nd October. Even the gold class was also open on Friday. At PVR Orion Mall in Rajajinagar five screens were open for films like Shivaarjuna, 5 Adi 7 Angula, Love Mocktail, 3rd Class, a Telugu and English film.

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