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Director of 12 Kannada films with hat trick crown Nagendra Magadi Pandu picks up a periodic cinema of a revolutionary farmer of 1980 to 1983 who was shot dead by the police in Naragunda taluk of Gadag district Karnataka.

At the Sanctum Hotel Om Kar Films debut producer Siddesh Virakthmath made a strong address at the media briefing of the film ‘Naragunda Bhandaya’. The situation of Gadag district Naragunda is no different from a long time. No rain water for three years is further cutting sorry figure. The government is also keeping silent on the farmer issues.
We had two revolutionary in our Taluk. One was Baba Saheb in 1954 who was hanged by the British rule and in1980 a youngster Veerappa Kadlikoppa fought against the imposition of levy of Rs.2500 per acre to used the water coming from dam. We have taken up the case of Veerappa and film is launching on August 18 and going on in one schedule of fifty days shoot he says.
Producer Virakthmath hails from Naragunda and adjacent village Navalagunda is the place of director Nagendra Magadi Pandu. He has worked thoroughly with Keshavaditya in arriving at the subject. This is my biggest of the 12 he says. He is going back to 80’s to select the locations. It is expected to complete in 45 days. Four songs are planned from Yasho Vardhan music.
Keshavaditya known for firebrand dialogues recalled the statement of ‘Bala Basappa’ – Raitha Nettara, Rajara Nada Murithaithi’. It happened in real life he cautioned the rulers.
Rakshit from small screen ‘Putta Gowri’ makes debut in a very strong role. His dialogues heard at the video presentation are punching. Cinema was my passion from 7th year of my age he says. He is a Pailwan in the film and transformation is interesting he says. He is learning horse ride as one of the songs is complete on horse ride he says.
Modhaka Taare (Muddu Muddu Taare is better) Shuba Punja is also having strong dialogues. She plays village belle and adjusting to Uttar Kannada accent.  Anger is also filled in this role for her.
R Giri a veteran is handling camera, Keshavaditya and K Ramnarayan penned lyrics, Tribhuvan is dance director, Lakshminarayana is editor.
Story is lent by Siddesh Virakthmath, producer of the film. 
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