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Title – Padarasa, Producer – Art and Soul Media Services, Direction – Hrishikesh Jambagi, Music – AT Ravish, Cinematography – MB Allikatti, Cast – Sanchari Vijay, Vaishnavi Menon, Manaswini, Niranjan Deshpande, Jai Jagadish, Chi Gurudut, Shobaraj, Bhavya, Hanumanthe Gowda, Vijay Chendur, Ravi Kalyan and others.

The national award winning actor Sanchari Vijay has taken a new turn in his career of commercial films and the fact is that it is a convincing film in contents and narration pattern is extremely good from debutant director Hrishikesh Jambagi.

Added to a fine directorial debut, the melodious tunes from AT Ravish, visual feast from cameraman MB Alli Katti, these 143 minutes 30 seconds ‘Padarasa’ needed some chopping in the first half. Second half a terrific emotional journey that you cannot miss to watch.

Showcasing the protagonist as a villain in every shot and scene gives a feeling what is wrong in Sanchari Vijay – why did he accept such a kind of role comes to your mind. At places you like cursing Sanchari Vijay. In the second half he gives a convincing curing for all cursing in the first half.

Having drinks, cigarette, roaming behind girls, go free lucky guy, romancing with his friend girl friend. In a serious case his friend child is handed over to an aged couple for a ransom, taking a few lakhs of money and jewelry to treat his friend Papesh but planning to run away – all such qualities of Sanchari Vijay was not come across so far in his film career. This is the first villainy kind of role in the first half he has done.

As the cop Chi Gurudut getting narration from Niranjan Deshpande gives a break we come up with something startling in the life of Padarasa.

For curse you make, you open your handkerchief and wipe tears for the good nature of Padarasa. In love there is sacrifice. Padarasa even does that and director Jambangi gives the right ending for the film.

Sanchari Vijay is very casual and stylish in this film. He wins the hearts especially from his emotional performance.

Vaishnavi not only looks pretty but also good in expressions. She has good career ahead. Manaswini in a short role is convincing.

Niranjan Deshpande as friend is very fine, he is a hero material in fact, Chi Gurudut as cop, Shobaraj as don, Hanumanthe Gowda and Jai Jagadish have performed very well.

The film is backed by three lovely scorings from AT Ravish, the cinematography of Alli Katti MB is on top gear.

This is a film to watch without fail because of new director dexterity in handling emotions and packing it very nicely.

Rating:3.5 /5 ****

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