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Another film of the year 2019 to enter the safe zone for the first time producer Shruthi Naidu is `Premier Padmini`. The 50 days event thanks giving meet was held for ‘Premier  Padmini’ at Sheraton Hotel on Monday morning.

The film is still going strong said the strong lady Shruthi Naidu. She had put on weight for this happiness it seems. She disclosed that media power has helped us to have a convincing win. It is the multiplex that is giving good returns. In this happiness of PP success, Shruthi Naidu intends to direct a script and on other hand Ramesh Indira talented director is also getting ready script. Which one is going soon will be known later stated Shruthi Naidu. On the collections of the film in 50 days she was clever in giving answer. We have not assessed. We have to speak to our distributor Jayanna Films she disclosed.

In the days of Friday coming and Monday going situation for Kannada films, the strength of our film was story and the actors. We have banked on them he stated. For the controversy surrounding the subject Ramesh Indira made a direct hit on literary personality – Yava Sahiti Innond sahiti Jeballi Kai Hakalla Heli’ he shot back. In addition to it he said all writers are influenced by writer like Keats, Eliot etc. These two statements were unwanted from Ramesh Indira.

Pramod, Hita and Vivek Simha expressed happiness for the journey they had with the film and good mileage coming to their roles.

Navarasa Nayaka Jaggesh very happy on different kind of film in his career clicking in the box office said there is no scope today for single screen theatres. They are burnt out he says. Jeevanaadi is Malls he says. Had single screens worked properly many films would have clicked. They bring zero returns to producers. I know the truth says Jaggesh as he financed many producers in the past and still waiting to get back.

Jaggesh also made another strong decision that he would not accept experiment films. He intends to make people laugh throughout. After Totapuri…he has two more offers with full of double meaning dialogues. He wants to come back to his earlier route where in Rs.5 lakhs film was giving 15 lakhs and Rs.15 lakhs film was giving 70 lakhs.

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