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Posted date: 14/March/2009

With a wonderful second half the director Janardhan in his second film should have spread some of the elements to the first half. There are good surprises and checking moments in the second half. This is what makes the film passable!

Muralidhar in his debut is quite impressive and Prashanth should have been more aggressive in a convincing way. Shuba Punj looks glamorous, Dwarakish is in an unexpected film, Adhi Lokesh is punching, Ravi Kaale is the best choice.

What is this ‘Anjadiru’ all about? It is about man proposes and god disposes. The one who hopes to become an inspector fails to achieve while a ruffian gets the posting. They are Krupa and Satyamurthy (Muralidhar and Prashanth). Krupa is disgusted for this piquant situation. He follows the wrong doer’s gang while Satyamurthy makes a futile attempt to change the attitude of his friend. In the process the two families of Krupa and Sathyamurthy are shocked. So what? The wrong doer’s get the taste of police for the nefarious activities and it is curtains down.

The audiences pity the circumstances. Such horrible stage of Krupa we could see in social life. In that way the film is an eye opener.

Suman Ranganath is there to sizzle in one song. Cinematography is quite OK. So is the film.


Banner – Premier Production

Producer – Muralidhar

Direction – Janardhan

Camera – Sundarnath Suvarna

Music – Sundar C Babu

Cast – Muralidhar, Prashanth, Shuba Punj, Dwarakish, Avinash, Ravi Kaale, Krishne Gowda, Srinivasamurthy, Adhi Lokesh and others.


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