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The word ‘Arivu’ has a deep insight in its meeting. The human being getting ‘Arivu’ is very tough. But for the livelihood this ‘Arivu’ is required.

Arivu discussed in this film is educational knowledge. Vidyamurthy is not interested in education. He is such a dullard that eventually pays big penalty. The loan letter his father is supposed to get reaches this Vidyamurthy and he tears it off as he is not aware of reading. One fine day the bank comes for mortgage of the house. The father and mother in this condition commit suicide out of insult.

In the first half of the film four youths are wayward. They do not go to school. But Vidyamurthy in the flashback explain his life story to this young boys – that is realization point for the wayward boys.

The film ‘Arivu’ of debutant Ranganath in Mahendra Munnoth production has given a convincing narration. It throws light on a few pertinent issues.

Mahendra Munnoth producer and teacher in the film occupies entire first half. The roles of Vidyamurthy and Thimmaraju are cynosure. The interested and not interested students are also shown in this film.

The film is set in the village backdrop. The entertainment elements are looked after by children.

Hurry to buy tickets for this film that is thought provoking in contents.
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