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What is ‘Barfi’ – a sweet item to consume? According to the title you are right. But BARFI – is Beautiful, Annoying, Romantic and Feast of India!

There is reason for saying ‘Annoying’ – the issue of terrorism bothering this country is bothersome to every Indian. This is what Shekar in his third film has concluded with high degree of strength and absorbing screenplay. This ‘Barfi’ has no relation to Ranbir Kapoor ‘Barfi’. This is for family and for the nation indeed.

Look at the songs to catch attention of romantic moods of people, look at the ‘Terrorism’ bothering the social freedom and finally the innocent life putting a big barricade. Life is so precious and you would not get it again. Live and let live should be the policy and not the attacks like this the director on behalf of this country analyses in a social film.

At the first case the match matching takes a few reels and when the match wants to meet ‘Terrorism’ is the reason. When the match is ready to attach in life permanently again the ‘Terrorism’ comes as a blockade. The innocent life goes.

We would not tell you the whole story and screenplay of this film ‘Barfi’. You better watch with family and feel sorry for the state of affairs of this country.

Diganth and Bhama haunts all the time they come on the screen. It is definitely ‘Khaju Barfi’ pair – they look grand and as if made for each other.

The role of Kamangi Dilipraj is impressive, Chotu Kamangi also looks sweet, Lakshmi Gowda has given a lovely screen presence. Pavithra Lokesh, Jai Jagadish, Suchindra Prasad, Sudha Belawadi, Harish Raj, Kuru Pratap have understood the role well and performed.

The splendid locations selected – Kannada audience would get Vagha parade and border, Golden Temple for the first time to their eyes to take a look. There are many more such spots look sweet. Gundulpet Suresh given absorbing work.

Equally absorbing work is Arjun Janya – three are melodious tunes – Kannalle Kannidu…. live for a long time. The sorrow song brilliantly composed.

This is a family watch and for the first time Karnataka and Punjab culture come together.

Title – Barfi, Producer – KM Shanker, Direction – Shekar, Music – Arjun Janya, Camera – Gundulpet Suresh, Cast – Diganth, Bhama, Sudha Belawadi, Jai Jagadish, Samyuktha, Dilipraj, Pavitra Lokesh, Lakshmi Gowda, Suchindra Prasad, Harish Raj, Kuru Pratap, Shanthamma and others.

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