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Title – BULLET BASYA, Producers – Jayanna and Bhogendra, Direction – Jayathirtha, Music – Arjun Janya, Cinematography – Sugnan, Cast – Sharan, Haripriya, Giri Godhuli, Prashanth Siddi, Sadhu Kokila, Ramesh Bhat, Girija Lokesh, Yathiraj, Muni, Tanveer, Ninasam Ashwath and others.

Jayathirtha in Jayanna combines – Jayanna and Bhogendra as producer with ‘Jaya’ from 100th film Sharan ‘Bullet Basya’ is a joys film. It is a jolly ride with very much of laughing stock. Haripriya as lady love would definitely come in your dream. She is such a class in her looks and composes in her acting.

‘Bullet Basya’ a complete change over for director Jayathirtha never lets down the expectations of the audience. As a protagonist there is no ruling that onus should not be taken for mistake. The role of Sharan reaches height when he melts down in his heart. He gives up despite of great struggle win Kavery heart. Kavery like Muththu – in childhood their marriage is fixed. Muthu is also none other than Sharan.

The first time dialogue writer Raghu Niduvalli has maintained good momentum and even at small places he does not miss the punch in dialogues for Sharan and his sidekicks. There is a political parody at one situation. You would laugh holding your stomach.

Basya is a playboy. Bullet is his vehicle. He does not known how many he has romanced. You find a mark at the shoulder for all his romanced generation growth. Such a playboy in the village is bowled over by the beauty of Kavery when she gets up from taking a dip near a temple. With three of his friends Basya tries all means to win her heart. When he knows there is Muthu looks like him is all set to marry Kavery the route of Basya changes. He kidnap Muthu and how Muthu escape the clutches to stop the marriage between Kavery and Basya is the end part of the film.

Sharan doing two roles is very convincing; his timing has not missed. He dance well and not snatched the opportunity of his co artists. Haripriya is the beauty to watch again and again. When she is silent, angry, laughing and dancing you do not blink your eyes. Yathiraj, Tanvir, Sadhu Kokila, Tabla Nani, Giri, Prashanth Siddi are convincing and adds extra strength to ‘Bullet Basya’.

Three of the scorings from Arjuna Janya are well sung, well choreographed and costumes for such songs are apt. Sugnan in his camera never disappoints.

The film on the whole is not disappointing at all. You get worth for your ticket price. Go watch unfailingly.

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