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Posted date: 27/September/2008
It was ‘Budhivantharigaagi Mathra’ when Upendra opened his innings as an actor from ‘A’. In the last ten years he has become ‘Budhivantha’. The ‘Panchamrutha’ for fans ‘Budhivantha’ is a must see film for women folks. One great black spot which Upendra films continued for a long time that women audience do not flock to the theatres is answered from this ‘Budhivantha’ by Upendra.

The women audience in particular would feel proud about this film. It is not only taming those who are on wrong path but keeping them in right spirit with his intelligence is what interesting when you come out from the theatre. No vulgarity, no teasing, no ill feel for the woman audience is a well measured film. Thanks to the story, screenplay and dialogues for this film. The inspiration might be a point to be noted here but how it is transformed to transmit the film in good sense is very important.

There is everything you want from a commercial cinema. Upendra in many ‘avathars’ is mind blowing and splendid. His Mangalore style of Kannada is a treat to hear and he keeps his ‘Raktha Kanneeru’ style in a different way not disappointing his fans in any angle. What the fans missed in ‘Anatharu’ his last film everything is given here. He did not speak in ‘Anatharu’ and he has done more than enough here in ‘Budhivantha’.

Title – ‘Budhivantha’, Banner

Sri Lakshmi Venkateshwara Private Limited and Sri Chowdeshwari Prasanna Movies

Producers – S.V.Rajendra Singh Babu and A.Mohan

Screenplay and Direction – Ramnath

Music – Vijay Anthony

Cinematography - R.Giri,

Cast – Upendra, Pooja Gandhi, Suman Ranganath, Nathanya, Saloni, Brinda, Lakshmi, Sridhar, Chidanand and others.

As a matter of fact when compared to Upendra ‘A’ and ‘Upendra’ films the intelligence is rather less here but packed in a fantastic way for the commercial segment of audience. Cinema is an entertaining media that is what the film gives and it is no doubt a ‘Paisa Vasool’ cinema with lovely songs and pleasant cinematography.

He is Panchamrutha. He wears Panche (White Dhothi) and white shirt. He has a clean image but he has been made to appear in the court because of charges of cheating and running away from the property. The strong allegation Panchamrutha faces from Rekha Vijay Malya, Shanthi, Rani, Radha and Monica and each song with them plus the clean chit he gets from his argument is the crux of the film.

Without robbing the modesty, robbing the valuable Panchamrutha has ditched them in the get up of Ashok Mallaya, Zakir Hussain, Samara Simha Reddy, Rajanish and Shyam Prasad. All deceiving tactics Panchamrutha does is with a purpose. All the dutiful work he does with beautiful girls is to tame them and bring them to order.

Upendra’s speedy dialogue, chilling scenes, costumes are fabulous. With lot of energy he delivers the dialogue is punching. The days of ‘Raktha Kanneru’ are back here. Uppi looks glorious. Nathanya, Saloni, Brinda, Suman Ranganath, Pooja Gandhi are marvelous in looks and they are apt in their roles. Lakshmi as the judge and Sridhar as brother of Upendra have done a very good job.

The glory is in the songs and how it is captured on the screen. Vijay Anthony has given very touchy tunes and not even one song is below average. Chitranna Chitranna…song could have been captured in a different way. Cameraman R.Giri is so up to date and even scene looks colorful.

Producer A.Mohan and Singh Babu have done the right film at the right time. The increasing numbers of cases where women get ditched are seen and heard today. An attempt is made to bring them in right path by Budhivantha. A lesson packed with entertainment.

This is a must watch cinema for its intelligence, glory and glitz!

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