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Posted date: 16/January/2009

The highly talked Pongal release film ‘Circus’ has too many shades for the family audience to watch. It is definitely a Paisa Vasool film. Look at the difficulty of hiring the train and doing the shooting in it for 25 days. It is so well planned by Dayal Padmanabhan and his team. The artist’s lively presence sometime very short also adds up to the film. Emil has not disappointed in his tunes and Shekar Chandru gets the major honor for high risk he has taken for the first time in his career. It is difficult to imagine where he has placed the camera especially when Ganesh slips and found underneath the train. The top angles, the clarity of shots make this film a good pick by everyone.

There are two vital issues in the film. The cantankerous age group youths creating mischief that lead to complications.
Shat mischief they have created turning out to be real one on a running train. It is a burning issue especially in the second half.

Dayal wins firstly in his narration style that is unique in the beginning itself with Nagathihalli Chandrasekhar voice over doing a good job.

It is a sort of social service from Dhanush (Ganesh) and gang. They get into the personal life of their colony and bring in harmony in their life. That looks as a mischief. In one of the cases they write a letter to the railway department that a bomb is placed in the Mangala Express. This turns out to be very cumbersome as they have written the address of one of them in the letter. Thanks to innocent Kitty in the film who knows only one thing – to utter truth. The gang of five catches the running train to get rid of the letter from the bag. Even after hectic planning they fail. At this time Dhanush over hear that a bomb is placed in the Gandhada Gudi Express that starts from Mysore Railway station. The catching of the letter even before it reaches the railway department becomes more important because the content in the letter also leads to it.

How Dhanush and gang with Priya supporting the team get the letter and unearth the bomb well in advance is the climax of the film you have to watch it in the theatres.

Ganesh has a different kind of role. Sometimes he is cool and careful. He has struggled a lot and when it comes to love he is different. When Priya hand over the album of her early days with Dhanush - Ganesh is left with no choice to accept Priya as his life partner. Archana Gupta looks beautiful and she has a soft role in this film. A lot of seniors have done very paltry role.

Emil in his second film gives three lovely tunes – Nav Swalpa Ollevaru…..Pisugudale……Jeeva Hoovagidhe retuned are very catchy. Shekar Chandru in his camera with the assistance of six others scores over everyone in the film.

‘Circus’ is the game of life. It is not with animals, birds and human beings. You cannot miss this one because of many plus points the film contains.

Banner – Dayal Pictures

Producer – Dayal Padmanabhan

Story, screenplay, dialogues, direction – Dayal Padmanabhan

Music – Emil

Cinematography – Shekar Chandru and six guest cameramen

Cast – Ganesh, Archana Gupta, Avinash, Mithra, Pawan, Dharma, Gurudut, Arunsagar, Sri and others.


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