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`Chellidaru Sampigeya`Colourful but loud
Posted date: 25/April/2009

S Narayan takes credit for the screenplay, dialogues, lyrics, music and direction of this film apart from producing it. However Chellidaru Sampigeya is a remake of the Telugu film Chandamama and Narayan
has made only a few changes in the Kannada version.

Anant Nag plays an ayurveda pandit who is very popular as a man of integrity. His daughter Bieanca Desai studies in the city and Anant Nag is in search of a groom for her. Finally he settles on Prashant who is the son of Doddanna, a rich landlord. It looks like a perfect match until Bieanca tells Prashant sometime before marriage that she has a lover in the city. Prashant decides to get them together and brings Vishwas home as his personal doctor. Prashant eventually falls in love with Bieanca's younger sister Spoorthi. While these two pairs are happy singing duets the wedding arranged by the parents is fast approaching. How the two pairs get together without facing problems from other family members forms the climax.

The first half of the film is impressive. The story speeds with a twist thrown in to keep you guessing. A couple of soft songs also add their bit. But in the second half Narayan makes you tired. Even though it is only Spoorthi's character that is supposed to be loud, everyone shouts. Even the four songs in the latter half is noisy. Until the climax arrives, it is one nonstop shouting scene after the other. Despite the drawbacks, Chellidaru Sampigeya is a decent family entertainer.

Prashant and Bieanca Desai are not at the top of their acting. To some extent Vishwas, in his second film, performs well. Of the lead actors, it is Spoorthi who steals the show. She still has baby fat on her and her tummy jiggles when she dances. But she shows promise in the acting department.

Film: Chellidaru Sampigeya
Actors: Prashant, Bieanca Desai, Vishwas, Spoorthi, Anant Nag, Doddanna and others
Director: S Narayan
Producer: S Narayan

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