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`Cool Ganesha` Jaggesh Back In Form
Posted date: 01 Sun, Dec 2013 09:28:17 AM

Many of us have grown up watching Jaggesh in his comedy roles over the last three decades. He is a brand in himself and was the original comedy star to became a comedy hero. It is his unique style that has sustained him for so long. With Cool Ganesha, Jaggesh goes back to the classic style of comedy films of the 1980s and 1990s. Watching the film feels like going back in time and watching him in one of his best roles. It is his return to form and his style of films.

The film has a linear narrative. It is about `Cool Ganesha,` a character who has the knack of getting into trouble all the time for all the wrong reasons. First he is caught in a bad loan trying to help his friend. Shobraj is after him to recover Rs 3 lakh. To escape from him Cool Ganesha falls into another trap more dangerous and more complicated. His parents are forced to stand surety for a bad land deal. To come out of it he starts working as a henchman for a don. The don`s rival`s daughter falls in love with Ganesha while the don himself wants to marry her. How Ganesha solves all these problems in a funny style is the rest of the story.

Jaggesh shines in the role and take like fish to water. It is the kind of role that made him a comedy star in the first place. Even small expressions and mundane dialogues get a comic touch from him. If you are not laughing, you are at least smiling throughout the film. Shobraj is another good actor in the film who lifts it through his acting. Gurukiran`s music is another highlight and even the songs are made to be funny. Jaggesh even sings one of them.

Cool Ganesha is one of the best films in theatres now and makes for a perfect holiday watch. Go enjoy.

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