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This is Upendra’s fashion parade and the suspense in narration is the major kick for the fans. But what is new for creative personality of ‘A, Upendra and H20’ – there is nothing. Upendra has become a ‘Daasa’ to the box office formula!

At the appearance of every character the screen name of them is displayed in this cinema. Director Naganna as a strict school teacher of Gandhian era has followed the original film ‘Dubai Seenu’ made in Telugu. There is ‘Rabasa’ in the second half; there is much of intriguing happenings in the second half. The first one hour is a big bore. It is only at the interval point the mind gets some curiosity. Of course the second half is loaded with flash back technique. There are many excessive (all of them leads to commotion, beating Dwarakish, beating Sunder Raj, showing the beer bottles, drinking, song in Mumbai with Kumar Govind, Uppi, Saloni and others - the scene before the death of Kumar Govind where he shows the photo of his sister Nikitha that is the lover of Upendra is the similar shot of ‘Savaari’) scenes such could have been easily avoided to make the film more quick.

This is a lavishly made film from Shailendra Babu Productions. This one aimed at front bencher that is the so called ‘Gandhi Class’ those who bring success for the film is a well measured film with commercial elements. In every song Upendra maintains the change of costumes and it is a fashion parade for him.

‘Dubai Babu’ is nothing but a revenge saga. For having seen the death of his close friend Sathya and his wife in Mumbai from Jinnah and gang (played by Aryan Vaidya) Babugaru goes on bashing rampage. Babu target is Jinnah whom he encounters in a bloody encounter where police also emerge. Jinnah escape but there is some more suspense the director wants to reveal before the end. That means some more dashing scenes on screen interspersed with Upendra fashionable dresses and songs.

Finally Babu goes on a final bout when he comes in a speedy vehicle to the den of Jinnah. After finishing off Jinnah it is a salute to the national flag.

The forceful dialogues are not punchy for Upendra. Known for good dialogues in his films Upendra misses this one. In all the variety of costumes Upendra looks good except when he is minus moustache. In the erotic song Bachiko Bachiko with Nikitha…it is Dubai dates for the fans!

Nikitha is superb. She has that very good screen presence. In many angles she steals the show. Aryan Vaidya delivering Kannada looks different and his diction is also acceptable. Dwarakish, Ramesh Pandit, Satyajith scream a lot. Rajesh as cop is perfect in the uniform.

There are some mind blowing action scenes. V.Sridhar minus melody has given peppy tunes. The lyrics written for it are also engrossing. Three songs are good and capturing of it plus costumes are very colorful. Anil Jhaveri has done good job in cinematography. But why this shakes very often on the screen!

Upendra fans it is Bachiko Bachiko……

Banner – Shailendra Productions

Producer – Shailendra Babu

Direction – Naganna

Music – V Sridhar

Cinematography – Anil Jhaveri

Cast – Upendra, Nikitha, Rajesh, Sangeetha, MN Lakshmi Devi, Kumar Govind, Saloni, Aryan Vaidya, Dwarakish, Mandip Rai, Sunder Raj, Michel Madhu, Surya Pallakki, Umesh MS and others

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