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Title – Eradondla Mooru, Producers – Deepak Patil and Nalini Nagaraj, Direction – Kumar Datta, Music –AM Neel, Cinematography – Naveen Kumar, Cast – Chandan, Shwetha Pandit, Shobitha, Sidlingu Sridhar, Gopi, Aradhya, Mithra, Ranjani and others.

This director Kumar Datta is over loaded with ideas and confused in his screenplay. There was chance of winning in first attempt but he has given a clean second half with variety of emotion and developments oozing out.

Eradondla Mooru finally becomes ‘Mooru’ – three even after subtraction of ‘Sneha’. The pattern is just follow up of ‘Simple Ag Ondh Love Story’. The good artists, terrific music and equally good camera work lift the film. Yet the first half is worrying point.

You should see the sacrifice of Sneha for her friend Priti. On the other hand Prem ready to sacrifice everything for love of Priti is also admirable.

How director Kumar Datta take the narration of times, months and again reversing in screenplay confuses but what is he use of giving straight these days is the matter.

We would give you in simple. Prem loves Priti and he is friend to Sneha. Prem is not aware that Priti is blind. Sneha takes Prem to the place of Priti. At the last minute instead of uniting the two Sneha takes the chance of her life in comforting Priti. What she does? How she knows the strength in Prem so that her friend could be in right company are interesting factors. There is a useless comedy of Mithra in the process.

Chandan looks very fit. He is the hero of tomorrow. Shwetha Pandit is admirable. She holds the cigarette perfectly and takes the film to different levels keeping a guess in the mind of audience. For Shobitha it is a small role but she is promising. Sidlingu Sridhar has done a neat job who comes in second half.

AM Neel best so far has come from this film. Sangeetha Katti song is superb, Rahukala song is peppy. The background is also good. Cinematography by Naveen Kumar is adequate in all places.

You could take a chance to watch this film.

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