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Posted date: 29/November/2008

The debutant hero of this film Akshay falls from 350 feet at Kulu Manali with the help of a rope is mind blowing and startling scene on the silver screen. On ice cold water Akshay falling is yet another stunning factor. This type of risk has not been taken by any hero perhaps in the Indian film history. The reason for him falling is also satisfactory. From this fall he joins Ganga one of the two heroines.

Perhaps the highest risk which Akshay has taken is itself enough for Kannadigas to watch this movie ‘Ganga Cauvery’. In addition to it there is plenty of absorbing elements in the films like excellent cinematography from H.C.Venu, heart touching and mellifluous tunes and lyrics from Kalyan, good looks of Mallika Kapoor and Mahi Vij, some more chilling action from Akshay and his tolerable performance, the supporting cast doing a neat and tidy job and of course the un-harmful simple story line narrated in an expected style by director Vishnukanth.

‘Ganga Cauvery’ for all these reasons makes the film very special. Producer Venkatappa besides investing a few crores has allowed his son to take the risk of his life. The customary and traditional people think of going to Ganges once in the life time. The team of ‘Ganga Cauvery’ going to Gangotri twice has given some memorable moments. It is like a journey from Ganga to Cauvery the two highly respected rivers original spots.

The story is simple the capture of it is extra ordinary. Arjun (Akshay) is in love with Cauvery and marriage is settled for him. On the project work of Cauvery he goes to Gangotri to capture the video and pictures for her project work. In Gangotri he finds Ganga who actually saves him from virtual death. Arjun has lost his mobile and there is no tool for him to connect to his parents in Coorg. After passing of days he falls in love with Ganga but he is forced to get back to his native place. Surprised with his return the anxious parents arrange for his marriage but Cauvery finds some change in Arjun. She asks Arjun to go again to Gangotri and get Ganga for the support of her project work. This time Arjun goes with Vishwa (Sharan) and returns with Ganga. On the marriage hall some developments crops up. That is the suspense of the movie.

Akshay is brilliant in action scenes. He looks good and the area of improvement for his dialogue delivery. If he remains natural that is enough. Mallika is a butter scotch ice cream while Mahi Vij is a Chaco Bar. Both look very pretty on the screen. Sharan in the comedy is tolerable. The couples – Ananthnag and Roopa Devi (bit irritating) Ramesh Bhat and Chitra Shenoy combine is good.

H.C.Venu has given the cinematography on the lines of discovery and national geography standard, he is sure to pocket a few awards. Every frame he has captured the scenic beauty along with the proceedings. The audience would get two in one treat at every scene. The top angle shots, the mountain ranges, the mighty Himalaya, the thick forest range of Coorg, the birth place of both Ganga and Cauvery – Wah what a treat yaar!

In competition to cinematography is music in this film. K.Kalyan has done a tremendous job. The theme song of the film sung by Dr.SPB maintained throughout is high point of the film. Nannallu Ninnallu…. Sothe Sothe….. and Kannada song you cannot miss to hear and see.

This is a film for the whole family. No disturbance, no harm to the nerves, no pain to any organs! This is in fact a wholesome entertainer from Akshaya Productions.

Go watch this film with your family.

Banner – Akshaya Productions

Producer – R.V.Venkatappa

Story, Screenplay

Direction – Vishnukanth

Music and lyrics – K.Kalyan

Cinematography – H.C.Venu

Cast – Akshay, Mallika Kapoor, Mahi Vij, Sharan, Thara, Ananthnag, Ramesh Bhat, Roopa Devi, Chitra Shenoy, G.Ganapathy, Ganesh Kasargod and   others.

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