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‘God Father’ Kannada cinema of K Manju Cinemaas with Upendra doing triple role is nothing but ‘Holige Ambode Oota with ‘Gasagase Payasa’. Holige is the treat from Upendra, mouth watering Ambode is the lively moments of the film and the additional ‘Gasagase Payasa’ is newcomer to Kannada cinema Soundarya Shreyasi – daughter of Dr Jayamala.

‘God Father’ is truly the first biggest treat of ‘Shravana Maasa’. The ‘God Father’ role of Upendra is an impeccable one very difficult for an actor to perform.

Whether remakes can be made better or not? Watch this film ‘God Father’. Debutant director and excellent technician S Sriram gives a marvelous two hours twenty three minutes treat from the original two hours fifty one minutes ‘Varalaaru’.

‘God Father’ is both ‘Amma Ninna Tholinalli Kandha Naanu and Appa Ninna Tholinalli Kandha Naanu’.  At the beginning of the film there is a dialogue from ‘God Father’ – ‘Mundhe Sari Nadibekandre Hindhe Jnapiskobeku’. When the life of God Father past opens up it is a roaring welcome for Upendra. The audience with whistle and Jaikara get thrilled. They feel the happiness multifold. That is the strength of ‘God Father’ character.

Manushya Sittu Bandre Makkalannu Madaballa – there is an example in this film when dancer Shiva is chided and joked for his feminine nature. In a fit of anger Shiva barges on Sujatha closing the door. It is not just one but two children delivery – both look alike.

When the first child is born it is brought to the rich family. Shiva is not aware that there is another child after a few minutes for Sujatha (Catherine). One is Vijay in the affluence and the other one Ajay is rugged and psychic because of ‘Mad Mother’ with him. The search for Ajay is ‘God Father’ and he wants to kill him for the status of his mother.

When it is realization time ticks out and all three Upendra’s combine – God Father is shot down. All is well and Laali Laali Amma….slightly correct in the end.

This is a film with ‘Upendra Maya’. Three roles for this ‘Rakshas in acting’ at this age are tremendous indeed. Upendra shines more in ‘God Father’ role. In feminine quality expression as dancer he is glorious.

The sweet butte scotch ice cream is Soundarya – Dr Jayamala daughter. There is no right introduction for this newcomer on the screen but she gathers good attention as Divya in the film. The fast number dance Sanchari Manasu….the bubbly looks in the close up, ability to emote with tears in the eyes – an actress to watch in the coming days.

For Catherine role a terrific performer was required. It is difficult to admit this actress as Upendra mother. Ramesh Bhat, Hema Chaudhary, Kuri Pratap, Sudha Belawadi render excellent support in the character roles.

The world famous music director AR Rahman tunes are haunting from the first song Alaapane Mellane Shuruvaithu….Laali Laali Amma is a grand song fit for all seasons. After Kai Thutthu Tinole….my mother India…concern shown to mother in the lines by K Kalyan is admirable. In the light melody we find the grand composer of this country.

S Sriram handling the cinematography for his debut direction in Kannada scores well with lovely shots. Editing is top class, art direction of interiors of ‘God Father’ house is fabulous, and background score from Sthaayi Digital studio of Rajesh Ramanath is in highest standard.

Like how you cannot miss ‘God Mother’ in life you cannot miss this ‘God Father’. It is Manju magnificent cinema!

For the three roles of Upendra it is Four Star Cinema!

Title – God Father, Producer – K Manju, Direction and Cinematography – S Sriram, Music – AR Rahman, Cast – Upendra (triple role), Soundarya, Catherine, Shwetha, Ramesh Bhat, Hema Chaudhary, Keerthiraj, Sudha Belawadi, Kuri Pratap, Siddaraj Kalyankar and others.

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