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Four dejected youths from the orphan house very clever in filling their hunger are intelligent enough in taking up nasty works. How they get destiny dash is the later part told in a rather lengthy screenplay by famous director Prakash in ‘Gokula’.

Prakash has catered to all the sectors of people who watch cinema. The innocence, rashness, emotions, action, comedy and romance are good part of this ‘Gokula’ that is supported well by the characters and cinematography. There some exigency of emotions in the last reels but till then it is ‘GO COOL’. There is voice over of crazy star V Ravichandran in the film in a fitting style.

Vijaya Raghavendra, Yash, Raghuraj, Pawan – Raja, N Raja, Shanker and Guru are grown up and so they are sent out from orphan house. They are new to the modern world but they know how to make a living by duping. Raja dupes with slimming token, N Raja lives with the money of Mahalakshmi, Shanker steals the milk sachets and newspapers in the morning and Guru enacts as ‘Kunta’. They do all this for the education purpose is the consolation.

In a freak incident a painter writes the photo of clever Raja when he is approached by aged couple with their dead child photo to paint how the boy would be now. When the aged Srinivasamurthy finds Raja early in the morning is so touched. He follows him to explain his requirements. Raja becomes the darling of the aged couple and his three friends also take advantage. For the affection fed aged couple Raja and his friends keep ulterior motives. They work for rowdy Kale to get papers signed for the sale of 20 crores property of aged couple for just Rs.4 lakhs commission.

Rest you go and watch it in the theatres because producer Thanusri Prakash has invested a few crores on this Gokula Kannada film.

Vijaya Raghavendra and Yash are perfect. They are cool and emotional too. Raghuraj and Pawan give work for the funny bones. A new heroine for Kannada industry has come in the form of Nakshtra daughter of renowned director D Rajendra Babu and famous actress Sumithra. Srinivasamurthy and Sumithra are very impressive in this film. Pooja Gandhi looks good but she is over weight on the screen.

Mano Murthy has lent good tunes but two are worth remembering. Sathya Hegde camera Sathyavagalu Channigdhe!

This is a film for family – the orphans and childless couple who are aged would definitely like this film.

Producer – Thanusri Prakash, Story, Screenplay, Direction – Prakash, Music – Mano Murthy, Cinematography – Sathya Hegde, Cast – Vijay Raghavendra, Yash, Raghuraj, Pawan, Pooja Gandhi, Nakshatra, Srinivasamurthy, Sumithra, Ravi Kaale, Kote Prabhakar and others.


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