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Title - GOLI SODA, Producer - Kolla Praveen, Direction - Raghu Jaya, Music - Rajesh Ramanath, Cinematography - Dhamu Naravelu, Cast - Vikram, Divya, Chandan, Hemanth, Manju, Priyanka, Thara Anuradha, Shobaraj, Raghu, Daniel Kuttappa, Madhusoodhan, Lahari Velu and others are in the cast.

To take birth as orphans and live in poverty in the beginning of life is not ones mistake. The mistake is when he dies like that. The theory of life is such that you have to groom on your own, contribute to the society, become a very good social personality and die happily.

The film ‘Goli Soda’ a remake of runaway hit Tamil film ‘Goli Soda’ is a neat package on humanity. The four boys and two girls plus Thara have done their best. The touching and melting of hearts when four friends are thrown in four different parts of the country after badly beaten! The song of Ustaad Dr KJ Yesudas is another pinch hitter of this film with realities of life told in a copybook style.

With no address in society leading happy life foursome (Manju, Vikram, Chandan and Hemanth) are having good support in their coolie job from Puttakka (Thara Anuradha). The city market area they live with sky open in their life reach the level in their life with grit and determination. When lorry strike disturbs their life they seek Gowda support for alternative living. Puttakka highly respected gives another developing area for foursome.

So we have Puttakka Hotel becoming very popular for its discipline, system and affection. This takes a devious turn when the henchmen of Gowda – Daniel Kuttappa and gang have a blast with alcohol and non vegetarian. This is unbearable for the foursome. The scuffle that unravel and Gowda losing his strength is a worry now. Gowda insist on Puttakka that they have to be beaten in public. This is actually turning point of the film. Rest you watch it and know the reality of life.

Four boys, Divya and Priyanka are excellent. Thara Anuradha and Daniel Kuttappa should get supporting actor awards. The background score and location gives a real feel. Lahari Velu in a touch and go role looks fit.

Raghu Jaya has struggled hard in giving good reality feel. Kolla Praveen attempt in producing it is admirable.

Let this ‘Goli Soda’ reach the level of high brand in box office.

Score – 4/5 ****

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