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Posted date: 10/May/2009

Nayaka in prison! Amma does the final rites of Thangi of Nayaka. Amma protects the urn of her daughter. She wants her son that is Nayaka to just touch and then immerse.

Now Nayaka is out from the prison. He thrashes (Hodi Maga) and comes with earn of his sister kept in a pot and mother to a river spot. Nayaka (Shivarajakumar) after he takes a dip is about to immerse the urn in the river the rain splashes. The pot where the urn is there turns liquid. Our Nayaka making his mind strong gulps the liquid urn like Nandini milk. ‘Amma nanna Thangi Yavaglu Nannalle irali anthane Nayaka’.

Where we are heading for! In which zamana P Sathyaa is living. The impossible can happen only in real life. Sathyaa sets an example for brother and sister that can be followed even for lover, parents and affectionate ones. The hospitals rush an increase that’s all what happens. HEEGU UNTE will be another episode.

MN Lakshmidevi is given the arrack to drink – Oh what a hopeless scene indeed! Mother forced by son to drink!

Nearing 100 films superstar Shivarajkumar appearing in this kind of film is what worries. He still wants to be a part of the meaningless action violent films. To suit it the directors also creates the situation. Medium is properly mediated!

Soorya not a robust not a muscle man not a Kungu Fu or Karate specialist taken on anyone. How come he has such lovely strength the school going students ask but director has no answer or the hero Shivarajakumar does not want to update on this matter.

Instead of so much of action the hero cannot use his intelligence because he is highly educated. You ask like that but director wants the B and C audience only to watch this film.

Battled and bruised Soorya is brought to the prison. A fake under world connected cop opens his pan zip and does urinals on Soorya in pitiable condition. How crude the women folk ask. This is where the censor should have used its sense. Sathyaa avare when you justify after the deadly fight that the inspector is fake could have thought of an alternative to get ‘Kopa’ for Soorya at that moment.

Giving ‘A’ certificate and keeping quiet is not enough the censor should think. How the decent audiences watch such ‘urinal’ scenes or for that matter the rubbish action scenes.

Shivarajakumar graduation in roles is not happening. Is he accepting the films just for the sake of monetary gains! We are forced to ask such things after watching ‘Hat trick Hodimagaa’.

Of course there is justification to the title ‘Hat Trick Hodi Magaa’. Thank god Soorya gets up alright after speedy and nasty third degree treatment from the police station. Is he made out of Iron? Baap Re! Enough of beatings you scream inside the theatre especially in this third degree treatment. It is all round beatings.

There is no exercise from Shivarajakumar end to get new audience to watch his films. He even lacks emotions and punching goons is the only work he does with lack of strength in his physique.

Nicolette Bird is a mere waste. Manju Bhargavi has not been able to deliver the required emotions. Sharat Lohitashva and Achyuth Rao are very powerful in their roles. Pavitra Lokesh is misfit in the role like her brother Adhi Lokesh.

Jaasie Gift has gifted two songs and lifted one tune from a Hindi film. RAvee has worked hard behind the camera.

If censor has some constraints and goes according to the rule book the media cannot tolerate such illogical and irresponsible films. Look at What Sharat Lohitashva says – Gandandrige Prana Iralla, Hendthirige Mai Mele Batte Iralla! Shivarajakumar is the son of Dr.Rajakumar the icon of Kannada cinema the makers better know it.

Media has to do the job of ‘Hodi Magaa’ for films like ‘Hat trick Hodi Magaa’ – that is wherever it is needed.

Banner – RRR Creations

Producers, K.V.Rama Rao, V.S.Rajakumar

Story, screenplay, direction – Sathyaa P

Music – Jaasie Gift

Cinematography – Ravee PL

Cast – Shivarajakumar, Nicolette Bird, Manju Bhargavi, Pavitra Lokesh, Adhi Lokesh, Sharat Lohitashva, Achyuth Rao, Sadu Kokila, MN Lakshmi Devi, Thilak and others.

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