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Title – Jilebi, Producers – Shiv Kabbin and Lucky Shanker, Direction – Lucky Shanker, Cameraman – MR Seenu, Music – Jamesh Architect, Cast – Pooja Gandhi, Yashas Soorya, Nagendra, Vijay Chendur, Dattanna, Sudhakar. Ganesh Rao and others.

It is not as sweet as ‘Jilebi’ for the three youths. Director Shanker looked at the important topic of going haste in life you have to pay the penalty. The film ‘Jilebi’ has left some questions in the mind as the Emirates flight takes three youngsters to Dubai.

A film should be discussed whether it is good or bad. This is what Lucky Shanker has followed from his 90 film says. He has left a few things to crop up in the mind of the viewers.

Who is the murderer of ‘Jilebi’ is not known to three youths – Soorya, Swamy and Vijay. They catch the flight for a job in Dubai. We do not know whether Pooja Gandhi the character of ‘Jilebi’ (she was named like this because her father was preparing Jilebi) behaves like a ghost. It gives a feel to all the three youths. In the meantime the old man Sudhakar receiving bad remarks in fact pushed Jilebi to a wall and she is shown as dead. The three youths in intoxication are not aware of this incident but dead ‘Jilebi’ is in their room.

There is Dattanna a house owner who is on the head of three youths to leave the house before the Rahukala.

The three youths Yashas Soorya, Vijay Chendur and Nagendra are lively. They have emoted in excess. Sudhakar has precise role. Dattanna is funny, Pooja Gandhi has nothing much to perform. She has revealing costume in title song.

Cinematography by MR Seenu is precise and Jamesh Architect has given racy number for this film. Editing is also fast and narration pattern is not confusing.

The actual story begins says the caption from director lucky Shanker in the last shot on silver screen. Jilebi sequels are sure to hit the coming days.

4/5 ****

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