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Posted date: 24/January/2009

What best a film can offer for a whole family. That is what ‘Jolly Days’ offers in a pleasant and cool style without harming the nervous system. In the rush of either love story or action films the film ‘Jolly Days’ the remake of ‘Happy Days’ is an excellent film on various grounds. There is nothing wrong in importing such subjects the remake biters could learn from it.

What is not there in the film is right to ask. There is everything needed for a family audience sans violence, sex and double meaning dialogues. The friendship, sacrifice, love, affection, respect, dejection, repentance, rejoice, concentration to studies, right attitude etc.

This is the film the parents have to watch and this is the film the young buddies can follow in their life. Krishnakumar gives very fantastic cinematography and Mickey J Mayoor gives one after the other melody. This is a treat to watch film.

Primarily there are five boy students and equal number girl students in the first year AIT engineering college. Except the boy from Nagamangala all are bright students. Pradip, Aishwarya Nag, Niranjan, Spoorthi, Keerthi, Deepu, Vishwas, Ruthwa in the center stage with a choice of their own girl friend are very good in nature and the mental make up of all them is tricky but not harmful.

Pradip and Aishwarya very close to each other not crossing the limits give a pleasant display of attitudes. For expressing his frank opinion that he feels like kissing her that is heard by Aishwarya’s father she gets dejected and dislike Pradip. This dislike continues for two years and no one goes the Devadas way. In the meantime the intelligent Niranjan sacrifice his computer seat for his close friend. Niranjan madly in love with senior Shravanthi is a treat to watch on screen when he express to his concern. That is when Niranjan friend is losing his trusted girl friend Preethi. Not all these there are regular examinations its results keep everyone in happy days.

After two years the reunion of Pradip and Aishwarya is also well polished in the story line. Finally the students gaining a position in the life in the campus selection is a fitting end to the film ‘Jolly Days’.

Pradip and Aishwarya make a too good pair. The others are also convincing. Even Ruthika and journalist RGV as lecturers gather good attention. Kudos to all the artists in the film!

Krishnakumar cinematography is the high point of the film. The top angle shots, the beach side shots he shows in reverse angle, Bekal fort are marvelous on the screen. The lighting used for all the occasions are extremely good. Sounder Rajan editing is another plus point of this film.

Mickey J Mayoor had done the tunes again for this film gets full compliments. Even other wise the original tunes are worth hearing.

From 8 to 80 years of age could easily see this film.

Banner – Young Dreams Production

Producer – Madi Reddy Param

Screenplay, Direction – MD Sridhar

Music – Mickey J Mayoor

cinematography – Krishnakumar

Cast – Vishwas, Deepu, Pravin, Niranjan, Aishwarya Nag, Ruthwa, Spoorthi, Keerthi, Ruthika, Suchindra Prasad, Srinath, Vanitha Vasu, Umesh and others.

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