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Posted date: 10/April/2009

Noted producer of Kannada cinema S.V.Babu had told that he would stop making films in case the ‘Josh’ his ambitious films is not received well. The media reports that came to him on Thursday morning after the premier itself can make him to take back his announcement. ‘Josh’ is such a fantastic cinema!

S.V.Babu Garu bridging the parent – child gap and social reformation is what you have done from ‘Josh’. That is in an entertaining and absorbing style. Very interesting observation you have and don’t feel rundown at all. ‘Josh’ is a film that should be watched by parents and children together keeping aside all the work they have.

This is the season of holidays and after a few weeks we find the admissions to schools and colleges. The parents must and should see this cinema ‘Josh’ with their children even before getting admissions. Each one would introspect and they (parents and children) refine themselves in life.

This popular film website in one of the interviews with director Shivamani has said he is the doctor of youths. It is not just that but he is the protector of parent’s interest too. As a matter of fact the thorough research work done by director Shivamani has paid him rich dividends. In the last one and half years he was in ‘Josh’ Japa. Producer S.V.Babu promised that he would show a different Shivamani and even that has also materialized from this film.

Director Shivamani is known for technical exuberance. What he has done in this film ‘Josh’ is something the beyond the expectations of the media, industry and the Kannada audience. He shakes the mind, body and souls of millions of people from this film. The sole intention of him is to bring in cordial parent and child relationship first and secondly to give a constructive society.

The youth power of today is very important and it should be focused well. That is what Shivamani has done. He had even visited thousands of students in different schools to get the right elements to this film. The three stages he brings with the young team of artists and how they transform to better is a treat to watch. The parents can easily look at their next generation from it. The feel factor of parents upon their children is yet another important elements of ‘Josh’ that not only give emotional moments but digs the reality part.

When Rakesh losing his interview at a situation when his father given bribe from his superannuation money and standing before his father hitting nasty dialogue is the peak of parent and child tussle. Rakesh when he is hit by chappal and in anger when he says you have taken bribe and that is the reason why you lost money touches any stony heart. The sordid parents Achyuth Rao and Thulasi Shivamani sitting among the others at the college day function in pensive mood while all others expect their son receiving applaud is another touching moment. Finally Rakesh coming on stage and giving him as example is also fine example the students should take note.

The sowing of seeds for better and comfortable future starts at the 10th standard level. This is the stage Shivamani has touched and feeds his sowing with different attitudes that are commonly found in our society. He shows the aspiration and ambition at the infatuation stage and when things go out of control he brings in the repentance besides that keeps one person the hero Rakesh as the standing example of losing life for love. College, Appa Amma, Vidye and Nanage Naanu droha Madikonde….Nanna tharaha Agabedi…what a thoughtful film it is you would definitely feel and collect drops in your eyes.

‘Love can wait but not Life’. In life what you lose you will not get back. There is some splendid dialogue at the right time. When Thulasi Shivamani asks her husband Achyuth Rao in the film ‘Enaithri…the husband replies ‘Kaiyella Khaali Aythu’. At the peak of the moment this dialogue is not just simple but very effective one. Meera (Nithya) says to Rakesh that ‘Yava Hudgi safety security Illadhe baralla’ is very practical approach.

Urgent agi Doddoragodhu Beda…is one of the dialogues in the shaving saloon. Even this is an eye opener at the infatuation stage.

Rakesh is the marvelous of the lot. He has been steady and consistent in his first appearance. How he managed this full length role especially in the second half deserve 100 chocolates for this Chaco boy. Meena (Screen name) looks like another Genelia D’Souza (heroine of Sathya in Love Kannada film) the screen charmer of Tamil and Hindi cinema. Vishnu, Akshay, Alok, Amith, Jagannath are pretty good.

Robo Ganesh from his caliber not misses your attention. His skipping from his two hands closed is a new attempt and he is something more than Prabhu Deva the boneless wonder.

Achyuth Rao, Srinivasa Prabhu, Thulasi Shivamani, Sudha Belawadi as caring parents have lived like parents on screen. Srinivasa Prabhu showing the child photographs to Meena is touching scene. You need beat your children but can affectionately take them to confidence is what this particular scene describes.

Songs of Kaviraj and Nagendra Prasad plus Vadhan music direction are on top of all. It is a cliché now to say Santosh Rai Pathaje camera work is splendid. The angles he has chosen and the costumes of the characters plus the locations is a treat to watch from Santosh Rai Pathaje camera work.

Everyone is necessarily the hero of his own life story – Conscience is the perfect interpreter of life.

Watch ‘JOSH’ without fail.

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