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Posted date: 5/February/2010

Could we call ‘JMM’ as Just Marvelous Movie! Surely because of the caliber Sudeep extended in a protracted style on screen and Ramya’s marvelous presence in the first half of the movie, fine cinematography and technique adopted deserve such remarkable statements for ‘JMM’.

While the contemporary of Sudeep is immersed in action and Sudeep also in his previous Kannada film ‘Yee Shathamanadha Veera Madhakari’ was lost in action now rises with a neat stylish, sensible sojourn for family audience in his two hours plus film.

Like his statement in the film instead of moving around the world the world should move around me in the cinema format Sudeep has tried out a few new things like the main character moving around and other characters shown in reverse style plus the chat between the two – Siddarth and Adhi in the flight where all imaginations of Adhi is going wrong from the view point Siddarth are interesting. There are some logics missing in the cinematic presentation is negligible.

Siddarth a pop singer is like Srikrishna when it comes to roaming and romancing with girls. One of the girls Divya become very staunch lover but that is not reciprocated by Siddarth lead to suicide of Divya. Depressed with such stand of the girls Siddarth move out from his place. On his way he finds Tanu (Also Nandini Appayya-Ramya) a very talkative beautiful girl. In the process of this meeting Tanu falls in love with Siddarth. What about Siddarth? He says a strong no to the offer even though he is love with her because of his past experience. Back to his musical troupe Siddarth is given impetus by Raghav to get hold of Tanu.

Whether Siddarth finds Tanu? Where is she? What she is doing? It comes to the startling notice of Siddarth. What he does later in Singapore? It is better you watch it on screen.

Sudeep looks handsome emoted very well and his stylish costumes are good. When it comes to emotions he reaches the top place. Ravishing actress Ramya seen only in first half of the film sideline everyone for her sterling looks and potential performance. The dubbing artist Deepu has added further strength to Ramya achieving good scoring. Rajesh Nataranga is fine. Avinash is admirable. Arun Sagar has given controlled acting. Yathiraj and gang freak out happily.

The song for Ramya in the first half and title track are passable from Raghu Dixit. The instruments voice over pour the lyrics is the regular bane of all music directors. Sri Venkat is exceptional in his work.

‘JMM’ is worth a dekko!

Banner – Shanker Productions, Producer – R Shanker, Story, direction – Sudeep, Cinematography – Srivenkat, Music – Raghu Dixit, Cast – Sudeep, Ramya, Avinash, Rajesh Nataranga, Keerthi Gowda, Sarovar Sanjeev, Arun Sagar, Yathiraj, Sangeetha, Shanthamma, Raghu and others.

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