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Posted date: 19/December/2009

All knowing well the attitudes of politicians is it possible to give a dramatic solution to it? The politicians are the drama masters first. They know how to twist their promises. In such a given condition Agni Sridhar story expose the crooked nature of politicians via a revolutionary youngster. The dialogues are not very sharp the screenplay length is too heavy especially in the second half; the conceiving of scenes its length could have been pruned. ‘Kallara Santhe’ is good in bits and pieces.

‘Hana Beku Himse Beda’ is the policy of Kannada MA post graduate Somu. He believes more on the intelligence than on the luck. So he goes on the sky rise building to commit suicide. The local channel catches him and that becomes hot news. The common people know the reason for suicide and protest the matter reach the cabinet. The chief minister in the presence of cabinet colleagues knows from television the youngster atop the building the six demands and agree to meet them. It is at this cabinet meeting the politicians rude and selfish nature is exposed.

Yash has given his best. His dialogue delivery is impressive. Haripriya is the best. She looks throughout as Roopa very charming and beautiful. Rangayana Raghu, Shobaraj, Jai Jagdeesh, Kishore have different kind of roles.

V Manohar has given new tune to ‘Bannadha Thagadina Thutturi…..and his tune Kaledhu Hodha Khali Putadha….song is well song and written. Of course in the mist filled locations Sundarnath Suvarana gives a pleasant feel to it.

Finally the attempt of the youngster and the attitude of politicians leaves an impression that it is a futile attempt.

Banner – Megha Movies, Producer – Aman and Ravindra, Direction – Sumana Kittur, Music – V Manohar, Cinematography – Sundarnath Suvarana, Cast – Yash, Haripriya, Rangayana Raghu, Kishore, Sudha Belawadi, Jai Jagdeesh, Baby Nishchitha, Shobaraj, Achyuth, Sudharani, Rajesh Nataranga and others.

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