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Posted date: 4/April/2009

Very often the hero Gautham is called as ‘Kelasakke Baradavanu’ by his dad Parashuram. Such a waste boy keeps up the pride of the family and things in right order from him. Gautham is a Thyagaraja right from scene one. The beauty of ‘Ghautham’ is not only the story and screenplay but the star cast that is to the ‘T’.

The third generation director from RNR Family – K Rajiv Prasad son of RNK Prasad has shown his determination and the trick of the trade to make a convincing film for the family audience has come as a boon for him.

Gautham is labeled as useless by his father Parashuram. Every mistake of others he is putting on his shoulders. Obviously his father considers him for ‘Shradda and celebration’ functions freeloader. But Gautham is not just that. He can understand the situation in the house very well compared to all in the family. Every situation he takes the onus and bring good name for others. The emergence of Geetha gives a different shape to the cinema when Gautham elder brother Prashanth goes to Hubli. Again and again Gautham takes up the responsibility and swallows the emotions. When he carries Geetha to cross the road his father sees him doing this further brings tense situation to the characters in the cinema.

All ends up well when Parashuram the head of the family understand his mistake. He goes to his son Gautham folding the hands to return him back to home.

This is a lovely film for lovely star Premkumar. He has been cool in the first few reels and when his responsibility increases he becomes very caring and emotional. The songs are well placed for Premkumar. Sara Alambara is OK in her first appearance. Ananthnag, Sudharani and Ramesh Bhat take the major share in the supporting roles. Kokila Mohan has returned to Kannada cinema is the only notable aspect.

Gurukiran has given music to the mood of the cinema. The fine tunes in three songs scale the popularity of the film. So is SR Sudhakar in his camera. He has made every frame look very bright.

This is a wholesome family entertainer. Don’t miss this one!

]Title – GHAUTHAM 

Banner – Synergy Images                                    

Producer – Malini Subramanyam

Direction – K.Rajiv Prasad

Music – Gurukiran

Cinematography – SR Sudhakar

Cast – Premkumar, Sara, Ananthnag, Ramesh Bhat, Kokila Mohan, Kausalya, Sudharani, Vinayaprasad, Shivaram and others.


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